Travel: What are you doing next weekend?


Life’s lessons. Image by Katische Haberfield

“Good travel is returning home a slightly bigger part of everyone and not quite the same person as when you set out. The ultimate reward is arriving home with a sense and understanding of who we are mutually as members of the human race”.

Bryce Courtenay

I believe that travel is an essential part of life. It is an important component of every person’s education as it opens our eyes to the world, and shows us that our way of living is not the only way. Through travel we learn about language, culture, customs, cuisine, religion and the environment. Travel gives us insights into the unique aspects of different countries and regions and spending time in nature when we travel helps us understand its preciousness. When we travel to expand ourselves, and not just tick off another item on our bucket list, we can use it as a learning opportunity to understand that what makes us human is that we are all the same. We all face similar fears and desires and we all want to be loved. Travel gives us the space to think and reflect on what it is that we truly want in life.


Coolangatta. Image by Katische Haberfield

I believe that we are truly blessed to be able to see more of the world with cheap airfares, and it is more important than ever to examine our travel consumption and ensure that our leisure does not impact negatively on the environment we stay in. This is one of the reasons I choose eco travel where possible. I love staying in ecolodges because the owners and managers are committed to ensuring that your experience is enhancing nature, and the surroundings are tranquil. The earth wins, and you win. Luxury demands new standards.


Maleny Botanical Gardens: Image by Katische Haberfield

I’ve developed a new travel section of my website with practical and inspiring information on things that you can do in Australia and New Zealand. My focus is always on the experiences and places that I have personally visited, and found interesting, informative, and fun! When I travel I always seek experiences that leave me enriched though culture, art, a greater understanding of history or opportunities to connect with the earth.


Travel offers opportunities to create space in our life so that we can reflect. Image Katische Haberfield.  I’d love to hear what you think. Over the coming months I will be expanding this section dramatically, offering you interviews with locals, and offerings from accommodation providers who I believe offer an outstanding experience. If you’re wondering what to do next weekend, why not take a look?