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Salamanca Markets

The Salamanca Markets are a well-known destination for both tourists and locals. They are the first stop for visitors who are looking to taste the fresh produce of Tassie.

The markets are held in a picturesque location amongst the Georgian sandstone warehouses of Salamanca Place that were built in the 1830s to house grain and other items. You can read about the history of Salamanca Place here. The markets are also close to Battery Point, which is Hobart’s most historic area.

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The markets have been running since 1972, and are held every Saturday from 8:30am to 3:00pm. You can walk to the markets from just about anywhere in central Hobart, or you can catch the free shuttle bus.

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Temptation, temptation.

We visited the markets near the end of our trip to Tasmania, and caught up with my dear friends Koel, Matilda and Tait, who were in Hobart for a family wedding.

Salamanca Markets- Hobart-Tasmania

Meeting our friends Koel and Matilda who were on holidays from Colorado, USA.

Some of the Salamanca stallholders who caught our attention:

Salamanca Markets-Hobart-Tasmania

Down Under Pots. Clever Name, Clever concept. If I didn’t have to carry it back on a plane, I would have bought one of these.


Salamanca Markets-Hobart-Tasmania

Oh the flower on this one was just breathtaking.

Made me giggle.

Salamanca Markets-Hobart-Tasmania

Who said cute, adorable tea cosies were just for grannies?

Fresh produce!

Salamanca Markets-Hobart-Tasmania

Could you get any fresher?

Approved by Matilda


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Our verdict:

Salamanca Markets-Hobart-Tasmania

Views of Mount Wellington from Salamanca Markets

We enjoyed strolling around the markets, drinking great coffee and munching on hot jam donuts and fresh raspberries (when with a child in a stroller, you eat to please the child so you can spend more time looking in the markets).

We would recommend it to visitors of Hobart, however we were probably less fascinated by the markets then we would have been had we not already spent the week eating and drinking at the Tastes of Tasmania festival.

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Matilda gave the raspberries the thumbs up! She ate a whole punnet in the pram and would have had another…



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Busker getting ready to perform at the Salamanca Markets
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