Travel: Main Beach Gold Coast

Have you ever had one of those weeks, when you knew you just needed to get out of the house, or you would go nuts? That you couldn’t really afford to go on a holiday, but if you stayed inside, that despite the predicted wet weather, and the fact that you would normally curl up under the doona and read a good book, that this time, it would literally be your undoing?

Welcome to my world. After a long, frustrating week, I was facing a wet weekend at home. I had no plans and it was looking bleak. Rather than slide down a slippery slope to the blues, I decided to take positive action and just get out of the house. There is something magical about the effect of the ocean on your psyche. The sound of the ocean is calming, and there is nothing better than a long walk along the beach, no matter the weather. Yes, I activated plan personal health and had a solo holiday on the Gold Coast.

There was a condition. I wasn’t going unless I could have ocean views. Direct ocean views. I didn’t just want to hear the ocean, I wanted to see the ocean. I wanted to be as close as possible, with no big high rises obstructing my view.  I spent an entire evening searching for the apartment of my desire, and in the end decided on Main Beach.  Main Beach?! Yes, not Surfers, not Burleigh, little known Main Beach. For me, what was important was to not hear drunken party revellers at 2am as they bar hopped, I wanted to hear the ocean.


So I searched on Rovia, using, using the “Book Other Travel” tab and found the perfect apartment. Two bedrooms was a little more than I needed, but it was that or nothing. After my children were collected on Friday evening, I drove to Main Beach and checked into my apartment.


Main Beach is the “main” surfing beach of Southport at the northern end of the Gold Coast. Tedder Avenue– a two minute walk from the apartment is known for it’s cafes and restaurants and is beautifully lit with fairy lights in the evening. I’ll have to try that another time, because I brought with me a bottle of wine that fellow travel writer and photographer Amanda from The Alpha Odyssey had gifted me for my birthday. I had a bag of hot cross buns, a container of fresh pumpkin soup, some fresh grapes and plums and I intended to literally relax on the couch and not move.

Please note that the following photos are from my iphone 6s. I was excited to be trialling it out for the first time. Whilst it certainly was better than my old phone, let’s say that my real camera is certainly not going to be phased out!


I spent Saturday attending a travel industry seminar, and Sunday catching up with friends. I enjoyed the accommodation and the location, would recommend it, and would definitely recommend it as being family friendly and solo holiday friendly!

If you’d like to know more about my holiday and the other holidays that I am planning, stay tuned, or contact me for further information.