Travel: Hamilton Island

Hamilton Island

Mention natural wonders of Australia and the Great Barrier Reef is one place that automatically comes to mind. The Great Barrier Reef is a 2,300km eco-system but for most of us pristine beaches,  aqua water, marine life and holiday resorts complete with sun lounges and cocktails come to mind.

Apart from a brief day trip when we travelled to Cairns in year 10, sadly I have not been. I’ve travelled around the Greek Islands, but not the spectacular islands of the Great Barrier Reef which are in my own backyard! So this weekend I spoke with my friend Ann, who recently holidayed on Hamilton Island, which is a part of the Whitsunday Islands and the Great Barrier Reef.



Here’s what Ann had to say about her trip:


What did your holiday include?

    • Day trip to Great Barrier Reef

Why Hamilton Island?

Hamilton Island was always on our bucket list to explore the Whitsundays and dive in the Great Barrier Reef. We take our own backyard for granted and so many beautiful parts of Australia yet to explore.

Often trips don’t match our expectations- i.e they don’t look as good as the glossy brochure or our mental image of what it will be like. How did this trip meet your expectations?

100% met our expectation .

Tell us about a funny/unexpected moment on your holiday?

Diving for the first time. I was excited and eager to take that first ever dive with my instructor. As soon as I got the gear on, practiced the breathing technique and was told “right ok we are ready to take the plunge now”. I froze and had a little panic attack. My instructor was very encouraging and gradually eased me into the dive from the snorkel area. I was so glad I didn’t chicken out and went through with it. Best experience and can now tick diving in the Great Barrier Reef off my bucket list.

Hamilton Island

Best time of year to go? When did you go?

Anytime is perfect at Hamo. We went in June our Winter. The weather was perfect not too hot and warm enough for a swim.

In summer the stingers come out in the water and you need to wear a full body swim suit to swim.

What’s on your bucket list for your next holiday?

  • Uluru for a short trip and Greece/Cyprus for a longer international trip.

Thanks Ann, you’ve totally inspired me to travel to Hamo! Can’t wait. It’s been on my bucket list for too long! 


Hamilton Island is only a 1 hour 45 minute flight from Brisbane or 2 hours 20 minutes from Sydney! Add it to your next holiday to Australia, or if you are a local, make sure it is on your holiday travel plans this year!


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