Travel: Arrowtown New Zealand


Arrowtown is in a word divine. It’s 25 minutes from Queenstown and is a haven for walkers and history buffs. As an old gold mining town it’s described as being a place where “history meets nature”. You can walk around the quaint town, stop in and look at the historic buildings, the old gold mining settlement and enjoy lunch. After lunch you could take the walk along the river which is depending upon the time of year dotted with beautiful wildflowers.


Lupins grow as wildflowers in New Zealand.

Things to do in Arrowtown:

  • Hire a bike and take a leisurely ride around the town
  • Visit the galleries, the shops and enjoy a long lunch
  • Go for a walk on one of the fifteen walking trails! I walked the Tobins Track to the top of the hill to get the view pictured at the top of the page. Walk around the historic gold mine to get a sense of the loneliness and the isolation that the Chinese felt trying to get an income to support their families.
  • Rent a house and just chill out with a roaring fire a picnic blanket and a bottle of wine
  • Play a round of golf at Millbrook Resort or get a day spa treatment

I visited in summer, but am longing to return in Autumn to capture the full splendour of the colours of the town.

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