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Last Saturday I went for a five km walk around the Enoggera Reservoir. I was finished by 8:20am and home and showered by 9:30am, which got me thinking, what was I going to do for the rest of the day?

travel- enoggerareserveouir

I escaped both the heat of the day and the crowds by completing my walk around the Enoggera Reservoir by 8:20am

I had no plans, and didn’t want to end up spending the day at my desk, catching up on work. I wanted to go somewhere, except for the fact that it was the long weekend, and you know what long weekends mean- TRAFFIC.

Wouldn’t it be lovely to go out somewhere for lunch and make a day of it? I thought. My mind started its auto search and bingo, I remembered a winery out Samford way, that I had been meaning to try.

So I rang the winery to see if they had any tables available and then rang mum. I asked her if she had anything planned, and as she began to tell me about her never-ending list of jobs (when you are a widow, it seems like a never-ending list because it takes a lot to keep a house maintained by yourself). Today’s list was the watering system.

I had anticipated that there would be jobs, and told her- well, I need your help. Unless it’s absolutely urgent that you fix those sprinklers right now, then I need you to help me come and research something for the blog. Ok she said what? Never you mind I said, just shower and I’ll pick you up at 10:45am. Wear something nice.

I knew she’d be in an absolute flap. I’ve always been spontaneous and it takes me a whole of ten minutes to shower and get dressed for the day. Mum on the other hand, has a complicated beauty, hair and makeup routine and it can take her an hour alone to get ready.

10:35 I arrived and I could hear the hairdryer still going.
“Mum, I’m here- we have to leave by 10:45 at the absolute latest as our table booking is for 12:00 and it’s at least an hour’s drive to where we are going.”

Now I had her attention.

“You can do your makeup in the car….” (I’ve never seen her resort to that in her entire life).

“Where are we going?”

“It’s a surprise.”

Eventually I told her that we were heading to Mount Mee, to Ocean View Estates Winery.

I’d never been to the winery, and so it was a gamble, however, I knew that Sirromet: Mount Cotton Estate was not an option as the freeway to the Gold Coast would be chock a block with traffic.

ocean view estate winery

Entrance to Ocean View Estate Winery at Mt Mee, Qld, Australia.

We ended taking a very very scenic route there, however, we made it in time for our booking. The first thing we noticed at the winery was the elevation. We were up high and it was much cooler here. (500 meters above sea level to be precise) I affectionately call mum a lizard as she always needs to warm up in the sun, and so she was glad we were visiting in spring and not winter.

We were shown to our table at the enclosed verandah, which had peaceful views of the vineyard and the heart shaped lake. (Really, I promise it was shaped like a heart).

We ordered two glasses of the Reserve Viognier and a shared Charcuterie Plate which contained serrano, soppressa, fresh marinated anchovies, pepperdew with truffled mascarpone, peppered pecorino, marinated mixed olives, cornichons, and sourdough bread.

For main I ordered the fish of the day, which was Barramundi, served with soubise, sea spray, crushed peas, goats curd, and edamame. I recommended mum order the twice-cooked crispy duck, with candied orange, mushroom dumpling, kale, and port jus. I had seen that the reviews for the restaurant on Trip Advisor were mixed, but that the best reviews were from those who had ordered the duck.

We both thoroughly enjoyed our meals- mum was not so sure about the mushroom in the dumpling and would have appreciated some mashed potato with her dish, however, it did not impact upon her satisfaction.

We were too full for desert, however the people at the next table certainly looked to be enjoying theirs.


Outside dining option

It was too cool for mum to want to wander around the vineyard and she wasn’t interested in tasting more wine, so we decide to leave that for another time.


Some of the wines on offer at Ocean View Estate Winery

As we left we noticed that a large group of people were eating lunch outside and had just finished a horse ride around th winery (horses tied up nearby).


Horse ride around the vines anyone?

The restaurant was also putting their finishing touches together for a wedding that afternoon, down by the heart shaped lake! Now I understood….


Setting up for an afternoon wedding.


The lake of love- told you it was heart shaped.

All in all a lovely afternoon and highly recommended, especially if you are staying for a relaxing weekend at a B&B in the Daybro, Mount Mee or Samford regions. If you want to have the full experience, complete with vineyard and winery tour at 11am, a tasting in the cellar door followed by lunch in the restaurant, then I recommend staying on the property in their accommodation.

The winery also can organize a picnic in the vines, a helicopter wine tour, a “just girls getaway day” as well as a ride on those horse I mentioned earlier.

I think mum enjoyed herself much more than staying at home fixing those darn sprinklers…

Things you need to know:

Opening Hours:

Wednesday 10:00-3:00pm Thursday to Sat 10:00pm til late Sunday 8:30am – 5:00pm

Restaurant bookings 07 3425 3900.

Vineyard and winery tours 11am daily

Owners: Thomas and Kate Honnef

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