Transformational travel

Transformational Travel Part 3- Chasing the inner light

Transformational travel


If there’s one thing that I love in life, almost as much as photography, it’s TED talks. So today I’d like to share some words of wisdom from someone who I admire – Steve Fraser. Steve is an internationally acclaimed landscape photographer.

You might think that taking photographs is a simple task, and that those who are earning great incomes out of this would continue to be inspired by what they find. It’s harder than it looks and it is no surprise to me that Steve believes that photography has many life lessons to share.

In the following TED talk, released today, Steve explains how his travels to seek the most beautiful locations and moments in life have transformed him, and provided many great lessons that we can apply to life. (Please refresh your browser if the TED Talk image does not appear)

To summarise:

  • Getting out of bed is the biggest challenge when you want to be at your location before the sunrises, and it involves a four mile walk in the dark just to set up.

“There is no prize for staying in bed”.

  • Waiting: Photography requires waiting and patience. The right light at the right time transforms the ordinary into the extraordinary.
  • Bring your own unique perspective to each shot. Capture something unique by looking deep within and examining how you want to see the scene before you.

“We get trained to follow the rules, to apply the principles and to stay within the guidelines. And all of that helps us to achieve mediocrity”.

  • Make sure your perspective is constantly challenged by the people you meet- it will affect your life and your images positively.
  • On disappointment:

“Sometimes the moment just doesn’t happen…These disappointment are just a test. The reality is that disappointments will come, we can’t avoid them, but it is how we respond to the test, how we are able to move on from that, and how we learn from that matters.”

  • Perseverance means that eventually you will pass the test.
  • Risk is not a negative.

“Breathe, let go and take a risk. Risk is an essential part of life… my best personal moments come from when I step out and take a risk“.

  • Chase the Inner Light. Look for a sense of significance, of making a difference, of belonging.

“What I’ve come to learn is that this dream that I have of chasing colour, and of finding the illusive light, has to be about more than my images….And working with people who are the poorest of poor…. has brought colours into my world than I could have never imagined.”

Go on, swim out towards that shadow.

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