The Lego BrickMan

Legomania has hit Brisbane thanks to the Lego BrickMan exhibition. Ryan McNaught (one of only 12 certified Lego Professionals in the world) has put together an exhibition of sixty works, using over five million lego bricks! It’s in a word amazing.

Good for kids young and old.

The kids loved all the exhibits but got a kick out of making their own and having it displayed at the end.  Most kids were also busy counting the Santas, to enter a competition to win a prize.There was also a lego shop at the exit and I was pleasantly surprised to see that the prices were the same as the major retail outlets.

Personally, I enjoyed examining the creations firstly to gain an overall appreciation of their size, but then a second and third time to examine the placement and expressions and activities of the mini figures.


Go see it, then get on the floor with your kids and play lego.


P.S. Who said you shouldn’t leave the corporate world to play?



To find out more about the Lego Brickman click visit his page here. To book tickets, click here.