Soothe, Balance and restore

Soothe, Balance and Restore

Brisbane is lush and green at the moment. It is the rainy season here and everything gets renewed after the scorching summer heat and takes a long drink, turning everything in its path green.

This rejuvenation has made me reflect on colour, and the colours which I love. Colour has the ability to change how we feel, and it is no surprise that green and blue are my two favourite colours. These are the colours I love to wear and the colours I like when I choose furnishings and homewares. Green for its balancing and harmonising nature, and blue for its tranquility and calming effect.

The colours we use in our home help make it a haven, not just a house.

Inject some soothing green energy into your home with nature’s best inspiration and add a dash of sunny yellow to create balance.

Is it time for an injection of soothing colour in your life?  Copies of these fine art prints and canvases are available here and here.

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