Cat Cuddle Cafe

Sometimes all you need is a hug.  A hug actually makes you feel better, because a hormone known as oxytocin is released from your brain and sends messages to your body, which promote feelings of devotion, trust and bonding, which well, they make us feel happy. So if you’re in need of a hug, or just a different location to have a cup of coffee, or an activity to entertain the kids, I recommend the Cat Cuddle Cafe!


The Cat Cuddle Cafe was opened in 2015 by Pussies Galore Rescue, and is Brisbane’s first cat cuddle cafe.  


Why a Cat Cuddle Cafe?

Let’s ask them:

Cats are our passion and rescue is our mission. We wanted to create the perfect environment for cat lovers to enjoy and interact with cats.

To fulfil our mission of rescuing a ridiculous amount of cats, our cats will be highly trained to make you fall in love with them, ultimately leading to more adoptions. Seriously, they will be working it.

All of our kitties will be rescue cats. Unlike other cat café’s around the world, our cats will be up for adoption. Our adoption process though, is very stringent. Don’t think you are just going to walk out with one of our cuddle stars without being given the Spanish Inquisition.

We need to know that you have considered adding a fur baby or two to your family very seriously. This commitment is for the life of the cat and could be more than 20 years.






Parking Tips:


What is that hole? Is it alive? I shall pounce on it!

Need to know:

  1. You need to BOOK to have a cat cuddle experience. It is $10.50 per hour per person.  Coffee and cake are additional.  Book here
  2. Please do not disturb sleeping cats.
  3. Check what time the cats are most active- we had a 10am booking, and most of the adult cats were asleep, which meant that given the number of adults in the room, my kids were a little disappointed. They got a chance to play with the kittens, however, with around 10 + adults and kids all wanting a cuddle, the kittens soon tired of it all. They were happy to play with all the toys, however, Hamish didn’t really get a cuddle.  The manager helped out by bringing cats and placing them on his lap, however, they kept jumping off. Next time.
  4. You can do Yoga with the Cats (Thursday night $25) and also Knitting with the cats! Check the site for details, and if you do any of these- please send me photos!





The Lego BrickMan

Legomania has hit Brisbane thanks to the Lego BrickMan exhibition. Ryan McNaught (one of only 12 certified Lego Professionals in the world) has put together an exhibition of sixty works, using over five million lego bricks! It’s in a word amazing.

Good for kids young and old.

The kids loved all the exhibits but got a kick out of making their own and having it displayed at the end.  Most kids were also busy counting the Santas, to enter a competition to win a prize.There was also a lego shop at the exit and I was pleasantly surprised to see that the prices were the same as the major retail outlets.

Personally, I enjoyed examining the creations firstly to gain an overall appreciation of their size, but then a second and third time to examine the placement and expressions and activities of the mini figures.


Go see it, then get on the floor with your kids and play lego.


P.S. Who said you shouldn’t leave the corporate world to play?



To find out more about the Lego Brickman click visit his page here. To book tickets, click here.

A lifetime of collecting, creates a legacy of memories for future generations.

Today is “Pink Ribbon Day” and in honour of the late Wendy Mattern, and with the permission of her family, I would like to share this interview with you. This article was intended to be published earlier this year, however, due to the complexities of the print publishing world, was not published.

Rob, Bronwyn and Wendy enjoy time together in the formal lounge area, just off the entrance of the house.

Rob, Bronwyn and Wendy enjoy time together in the formal lounge area, just off the entrance of the house.

When Interior decorator Wendy and her husband Rob decided to downsize after their daughters left home, they were looking for a house that would incorporate modern open plan living with the ability to house the grandkids for sleepovers.

Their single level elevated house is located in a quiet cul-de-sac in the western suburbs of Brisbane, and allows enough space for entertaining as well as showcasing the collection of memories from their travels, and careers in Interior Decorating and Styling.

Asian head, a gift from Wendy's dear friend Charles in LA now sits in the entrance foyer of the home.

Asian head, a gift from Wendy’s dear friend Charles in LA now sits in the entrance foyer of the home.

Wendy began collecting miniature containers and other silver boxes, when she was given her Paternal Grandmother’s Hobnail Glass perfume bottle. This she says, “sparked a life long love of all things miniature, including hat pins, “Netsuke” and a collection of “Limoges, which was a gift from my mother”.

Hobnail Glass

Wendy’s hobnail glass and hat pin collection.

Upon entering the combined lounge and dining area you are immediately struck by the careful curation of oriental pieces, seamlessly integrated with charcoal sketches, and family heirlooms.

The formal lounge area of the family house is filled with special memories and antiques collected from around the world.

The formal lounge area of the family house is filled with special memories and antiques collected from around the world.

Wendy, a Brisbane girl and Rob from Pennsylvania met and married in Los Angeles when Wendy was on a working holiday in America. During their time in LA they met Charles Phillips, who assisted clients sourcing special features for movie and television sets. Wendy joined him on some of the forays into interesting haunts in LA. Charles became such a good friend that he even sketched the design of Wendy’s wedding dress. The sketch, however, no longer exists as it was left with the dressmaker.


Wendy and Rob were visiting friends in a little town near Sarlat in the Dordogne region in France when they spotted this plate in an antique market

Ten years and two children later, they returned to live in Brisbane. Charles sent them many hand drawn charcoal sketches as Christmas cards during their life long friendship, and some of these are now framed and hang on the walls.

The antique furniture in the lounge area was collected in Los Angeles and brought with them when they moved to Australia. Wendy’s mother’s hope chest, one of an original three, was sent out from Hong Kong. On it sits a delicate collection of Easter themed miniatures. There is a pair of antique Chinese porcelain lamps of “Kwan Yen”, the Goddess of compassion and mercy beside the chaise.

Faberge Eggs adorn the hand carved antique chest

Faberge Eggs adorn the hand carved antique chest

Many locals of the western suburbs of Brisbane will remember when Wendy and a friend ran the highly successful “Shop 91” at Indooroopilly Shopping Town. “There wasn’t a significant birthday or wedding gift that wasn’t purchased from us in the area”, Wendy laughs. Shop 91 allowed Wendy and Rob to keep in touch with trends in collecting and enjoy continuing to collect themselves.

After this, Wendy began her career as a stylist, preparing homes for sale. Many of her clients loved her so much that when they moved to their new home, they hired her to purchase and decorate and design their new interior. Husband Rob, began the management of the trades people involved in the design and decoration projects.


The kitchen has a server window and over looks the covered entertainment area beside the sparkling in-ground pool.

Bronwyn, Wendy and Rob’s youngest daughter has begun to follow in her mother’s footsteps, launching her styling career on Instagram. “It’s been really interesting listening to mum talk about all her collectables today. You take things that appear in your family home for granted- it’s been wonderful to hear the background stories of so many of the objects, that until now, I have not stopped to think about the significance.”


Bronwyn serves tea in the kitchen for her mother, Wendy who says that tea always tastes better in porcelain cups. Bronwyn relishes the time with her mother.

Bronwyn can be found on Instagram at BRONLOVESDESIGN.

Note from author: Sadly, Wendy Mattern died as a result of secondary Breast Cancer June 5, 2015. It was an honour to have met her, and I will be forever grateful that even when terminally ill, she took the time to tell me about her life, and graciously allowed me to photograph her house.


Heartfelt thanks


Photo by Michel Poknee of Chicoz Photography

Photo by Michel Poknee of Chicoz Photography

It takes a village… thank you to all my wonderful friends and family who came to and supported me for this exhibition. It was a mammoth exercise to shoot, collate, print, pontificate over, market and organise this exhibition.

I couldn’t have done it without the support of my kids and my mother and my sister, Liz, the wonderful support of photographic buddies Amanda and Russell, the Instagram community, the Chapel Hill S.S community.

To those who travelled from the coast, and those who I hadn’t seen since I lived in PNG or who I went to Primary School with!!

Thank you to my B.G.G.S school buddies- you are bloody legends- always supporting me. Truly a wonderful year group.

Thank you to each and everyone who spent time with me this weekend, and thank you to those who are ill and sent me messages from their bed.

Thank you to everyone who supported me from the sideline and especially those who valued me and my photography and purchased. You are truly special people and I am blessed to have you in my life xx

Photo by Michel Poknee of Chicoz Photography

Photo by Michel Poknee of Chicoz Photography

My new bespoke cushion-available for order by contacting me.  Image by Michele Pocknee of Chicoz Photography

My new bespoke cushion-available for order by contacting me. Image by Michele Pocknee of Chicoz Photography

The green side of the room- featuring my new bespoke cushion based on the ‘a touch of paradise’ photograph. All my photographs are now available as a cushion for $100 plus postage. Two weeks order time. Thanks again to Michele Pocknee of Chicoz Photography for this photo.


If you were unable to come to the exhibition, all the photographs are now available for sale at this link  Contact me if you are interested in international orders as I work directly with your local printer to ensure quality of reproduction and to eliminate costly international shipping charges! There are a few printed canvases available from the exhibition in the 36×24 $400 and 24 x 24 size ($250), please contact me to find out which ones these are.

Happy Snaps posted on social media. Thank you to everyone who entered the selfie competition. The winner is Tanja Prell, who wins the display canvas of  “Solitude”.  Tanja please email me to organise collection of your photographic canvas.

Who Cares- book launch

There are some books which are published after you need them. These are the books that speak to your heart because they seem to understand exactly what you have been going through. Joan Wilson-Jones has written a book  called “Who Cares” which my mother and I wish was published before my father died. Her book is part memoir and part practical handbook, and is based on her experience caring for her partner, who died as a result of Prostate Cancer. She wrote the book because she could not find anything like it, when she was looking for something to guide her through the difficult job of being a carer.

Click on image to be taken to

Joan is having her book launch this Friday.  I can’t attend as I will be setting up my photographic exhibition for the weekend, however, I strongly urge any who is caring for a seriously ill person to attend this book launch. This book is invaluable.

Joan Wilson- Jones introducing her book and her journey at an impromptu gathering at Karuna Hospice.

Joan Wilson- Jones introducing her book and her journey at an impromptu gathering at Karuna Hospice.