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How to use Star Anise Essential Oil

Star Anise Essential oil is an oil which can be used in cooking, for relaxation, cardiovascular health or for digestive benefits. It is normally a limited time offer with doTERRA and can not regularly be purchased.

Steam distilled from the eight-follicled fruit of the star anise tree, this oil is currently used in the doTERRA DigestZen® blend and the doTERRA Cheer Blend.


  • A perfect oil for supporting healthy digestion in its own right, the essential oil is full of fresh licorice-like scent.
  • Taking it internally helps to soothe the mood and supports a healthy cardiovascular system.
  • Blends extremely well with floral and wood oils for an emotionally balancing experience.


Star Anise in DigestZen

If you are looking for an essential oil blend with the digestive benefits of Star Anise, why not consider DigestZen Essential Oil blend? Star Anise is one of the main ingredients in this blend.

star anise

Star Anise in Cheer Essential Oil Blend

If you are looking for Star Anise in a blend to help you feel happier, or with Seasonal Affective Disorder- try Cheer Essential Oil.

star anise

Star Anise

Cheer essential oil blend contains star anise.

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If Star Anise Essential Oil is available as a limited time single essential oil, then the following information is applicable.

Star Anise

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2018: Original Blog

For a limited time, Star Anise Essential Oil is available as a part of the doTERRA Harmony Aroma Handcraft Essential Oil Collection.

This fragrance kit includes 5 mL bottles of Star Anise, Pink Pepper, and Green Mandarin essential oils, as well as two 10 mL roll-on bottles, pipets, labels, and a booklet with over 30 fragrance recipes.

Available in US and Canada, as well as Japan, Hong Kong, Australia, New Zealand, and Singapore NFR markets.

SKU: 60205374
Wholesale: $38.50
Retail: $51.33
PV: 35

Limit two per account, per household, while supplies last. Shop now, chose the country you live in and then importantly click on NFR (International Not For Retail) so that it selects the USA shop.  Then fill out your details, and add the wholesale membership packet to your account and type in the SKU60205374 in the search bar. This will give you the Harmony Kit. Add it to the collection and check out.

doTERRA Harmony Kit

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