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Two weeks ago I headed up to Maleny for a portraiture shoot, and to attend Wittafest. On the way, I got an unexpected bonus- Sculpture on the Edge. On display from 12th September 2015 to 18th October 2015 at Spicers Tamarind Retreat is an interesting and thought provoking display of sculpture by local artists. Pictured above is what I like to think of as my self portrait. The artist Jim Cox, called it “The blonde arrived in her open top sports car”. It’s made from mixed media/resin/collage/polyster/fiber. She’s on sale for $1,500, if you’d like to have a permanent reminder of me in your garden…

I was very excited to see my old mate Mr Snuffaluffagus had joined me for the day. Well obviously the artist  Elli Schlunke had an active imagination and a whole heap of determination to make “Mammoths” out of old electrical cables, but clearly she wasn’t a fan of Sesame Street. Who needs a trampoline in your garden when you’ve got a friend like Snuffy to tell your secrets to?  An expensive friend at $35,000, but then great works shouldn’t come cheap should they? I think this would be much more interesting that Ronald McDonald in our street (Yes, there is a real Ronald McDonald statue in our street – one of the owners used to make Ronald for the stores when he was made out of steel rather than plastic).

sculpture on the edge

Every exhibition has to have its political statement, and this seemingly innocent plane, is not all that it appears.


“Underwear” by Greg Windsor

“The work encompasses issues of social justice as well as political commentary, responding to an obligation in ‘keeping the bastards honest’. “Our Blokes couldn’t build a canoe…” the comments made by then Defence Minister David Johnston, in the Abbot Government, declaring that our shipwrights ‘couldn’t build a canoe’. His words rocked the boat so much as to cost him his job. The work “Underwear” is a play on words, referring to how the sub operates, as well as to what is meant to be worn inside ones’ outer attire. It reveals this embarrassment which, when viewed by the world, must be seen as ‘hanging out the laundry for all to see’. The craftsmanship and detail of a stripped canoe combined with aeroplane wings are symbolic/ironic toward the pending decision for our government to award the $20 billion contract for the building of the submarines to either South Australia or Japan. The works employ the use of recycled timber and challenge the notion of what some may consider waste or discarded materials, giving them new life and meaning. The skill level required in using substandard materials becomes a juggle as this challenges the process of construction. This material is metaphorical for the fragility of the common man dispossessed.”

Artists statement

I’ve never claimed to understand art, and can’t draw or paint or sculpt to save my life, but what I do understand is that art provides us with a powerful way to express ourselves. I can imagine that the process of making this piece of art saved Greg thousands of dollars in therapy bills, because art is a fantastic way to vent our frustrations and anger and even sadness. You have to respect people who take action and actively work with their thoughts rather than letting them channel down into resentment and bitterness. The world would be a better place if we all picked up a pencil or a camera instead of a fist.

Here’s a small selection of some of the photos I took of the sculptures.

My favourite thing about the exhibition was, not the art. It was the location; oh and um these pods. I call them nanoo nanoo pods because well, they remind me of Mork and Mindy, but, heck we all know I’m a little quirky.

spicers pods

I might have sat here for a while



Other things you should know:

Spices has a coffee shop, for after your wanderings. I haven’t dined there (yet). A girl’s got to leave some things for later…

On the last weekend of every month, a selection of hinterland artists throw open their studio doors and invite you in to see their work and enjoy their creative spaces. Open 10am- 4pm. See the Arts Connect Website for details.

Gardeners Fall’s is right below Spicers, and is a favourite place for locals to test their dare devil natured by diving from the top of the falls into the water. It was empty when I went, (because it was cold) but is a lovely stroll (man I am getting old using that word), regardless.

Katische would like to thank her portraiture client Phillipa for having a photo shoot in Maleny and allowing this little gem to bring sunshine into my life. Spices Tamarind Retreat is now on my wish list to stay at. You can book to stay there by clicking on the button on the right hand side of the page.

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