Postcard from the Past: Whitstable, near Canterbury – a travel guide


This postcard was sent to me in an envelope, so technically that’s cheating. But it was accompanied with photos, so, I’ll allow it. 🙂 To accompany down this memory lane, you’ll need to understand that at the end of 1999, I left Australia to live on a working holiday visa in London. I was chasing the dot com bubble, and as I was bored out of my brains working for a consulting firm. I didn’t want to be consulting on internet stuff, I wanted to be working for a internet start up. And so, I landed in London, and started working for a seed funded wireless start up.

My job didn’t last long, six months to be precise, and then we were bought out by an American company. I was paid as a contractor, so no, I did not become an instant millionaire over night. It was fun however, but also rather stressful at the end of it because our two founders were fighting. So when my friend Vanessa invited me to Whitstable to celebrate her 25th birthday, I jumped at the opportunity to get out of London for the weekend. Vanessa and Susie were friends that I was in boarding school with at high school. I lived in Holland Park in a flat of my own, and Susie lived in more iconic Aussie areas like Wimbledon. Another friend Cath, and her now husband Leo travelled for the weekend.

Whitstable is a small beach town, with a population of 30,000 people, eight kilometres north of Canterbury.

Canterbury is on the North Coast of Kent in South East England, and it takes about one and a half hours to travel there from London.

Whitstable is famous for its oysters and the annual oyster festival. Apparently, oysters have been collected there since Roman times. It’s also more recently famous for the local pub the Old Neptune and its’ role in the movie “Venus” which starred Peter O’Toole. We had a great weekend, and as you can tell from the photos, it was a little cool, despite being spring.

Old Neptune

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What mattered for us was that the sun was shining, we were experiencing a new location, and we had great company and a reason to celebrate! Places are nothing without the people you share the memories with.

The Old Neptune


Pink hats? Ahh that was the weekend before, at the Trooping the Colour, and the reference to family; mum, dad and my uncle Laurie came to visit and we travelled to the Cotswolds and Ireland together- but those memories will have to wait for another blog.