I just can’t fake it

Oh sometimes I wish I could, but I just can’t. 

faking happiness perimenopause

If I’m not feeling an emotion, I just can’t manufacture it, and it’s a downfall of mine. I know everyone else seems to be able to put on a show face and pretend to be excited or happy, but I’ve never had that skill. 

I’ve always been a what you see is what you get kinda gal, and that sometimes gets me in trouble.

During perimenopause, that inability to fake emotion recently was a contributing factor that ended my relationship. 

And no, I don’t mean an ability to fake it in the bedroom. 

I can see that crystal clear in hindsight, that this made my ex-boyfriend feel unloved and like there was nothing that he could do that would elicit a display of delirious rapture that he wanted.

And so I just wanted to let you know, that if you’re feeling the same way at the moment, I understand.

During perimenopause, the changes in our hormonal levels in our limbic system of the brain (the master controller of emotion) fluctuate wildly depending on the day.

What I’ve noticed is that now I have a unique emotional cycle and for one part of that cycle, I just don’t feel myself. I don’t feel depressed or down, just flat.

Nothing can excite me during that time.

I mean, you could put a bow around the neck of the cutest fluffiest puppy in the world, and give him to me as a present, and I just couldn’t must up the excited display of emotion that you would want and expect to see.

I’d feel it, deep down somewhere, but I just can’t express it.

Luckily, it passes.

And I know it passes when I come out the other side and suddenly get the giggles, and think, oh boy, I’m back, I didn’t even realise I was gone.

So next time you are not feeling yourself, why not make yourself up a diffuser blend or aromatic dressing pure-fume from the following collection I’ve put together just for you.

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