How to manage frustration anger and irritability during perimenopause and menopause

Anger in Perimenopause

If Perimenopause or Menopause has you feeling angry and frustrated, you are not alone! It’s the number one emotion that women experience during Perimenopause and Menopause.

Anger is a difficult emotion.

It is the emotion we chide ourselves for having and not containing.

It is an explosive emotion that we are told to keep under control.

Yet it is the very emotion that makes us sick when we repress it.

There is nothing wrong with being angry. It is a sign that something has insulted our ego or sense of self.

It is a sign that our values may have been compromised.

The key is to express anger without taking actions that cause negative repercussions.

Anger during perimenopause and menopause can be attributed to changes in our life, and the stuffing down of emotions that we may have repressed over our lifetime, to be a “good girl”.

However, once we are in perimenopause, we experience declines in the production of our sex hormones, and one of the implications of this is that we experience changes in our brain- our limbic system, which is the master controller of our emotions!

So rest assured it is not “just you”. You’re not “making it up”. There is a very valid chemical reaction that is going on in your body that is linked to the rage and frustration you are experiencing.

The challenge is to channel anger into positive action, through art, photography, music or exercise and not to throw things, drink, call names or any other angry behaviour.

anger in perimenopause
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anger in perimenopause

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