It’s important to express grief.


Grief creeps up on you unexpectedly. Bam, next thing you know, you’re on the floor sobbing your heart out.

Egocentric in nature, it demands acknowledgement. It has multiple personalities, and just when you think you have a hold on its style, it changes again.

I’ve found that it loves to be expressed. When I write about, I feel for the briefest moment that I understand it. Talking about it is complicated. Sometimes it is easy to convey, other times it is like a mysterious lover.

Don’t think you can control it. It is defiant by nature and will not be tamed. It is best observed, reflected upon and appreciated.

Essential oils for grief

Essential oils can be a powerful way to help ease overwhelming feelings of grief, so that you can function. The oils do not seek to suppress, rather gently allow you to grieve and process your emotions. Please visit this page for information.