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Gut Heath Reboot Program

Gut Health Reboot Program

The best foundation for mental health and for weight loss or stabilisation is with a healthy gut. I recently tried this doTERRA program and loved it. The only changes I made to my diet were to eliminate caffeine and alcohol. I felt much better, craved less sweet foods and noticed immediately how much of an emotional eater I really am. I noticed how I use wine to calm me and also tea and coffee and sweet food when I am craving mental stimulation (ie bored at work).

Whilst undergoing this 30 day program I used Patchouli in the diffuser and also used it as my body lotion (in coconut oil). Patchouli is the oil of self acceptance.  Zendocrine is best taken in capsule form, but also available as a liquid essential oil. It is really gorgeous in the diffuser, and I found that overall the unexpected bonus of this program was that it helped me build boundaries and cleanse toxic people from my life. They literally opted out, and to be honest, I felt relieved.

My business partners are running a Gut Health Reboot Program.

We are so excited to be offering a 2 month supported journey to reboot your gut health. We offer you a journey with a month of preparations and a month of “gut cleansing” infused with a whole lot of heart, soul and love.
(Note- Early bird ticket price throughout April 2017)

We are committed to YOU getting the right results for YOU.
We understand this journey is not just about taking things out of your diet and taking a few supplements. It’s so much more than that. This is an emotional and practical lifestyle journey too.

That is why we have combined forces between the three of us –

// Psychologist & Emotional Coach – Lisa Coulson,

// Holistic Nutritionist & Wellness Coach – Vanessa Vickery and

// Mind-set Coach (with a science background) – Chantal Roelofs

to provide you with holistic and practical health and lifestyle and support resources.


Why go through a Gut Health Reboot and Reduce Toxic Load ?

Good lifestyle habits and proactive health care have significant influence on our physical and psychological well-being. To achieve an even greater sense of wellbeing and more energy – we can minimise toxic load and adapt to more conscious ways of living in honouring our body and our health.

Toxins are everywhere in our environment…and reducing the toxic load on the body is a lifelong affair. A “toxin” is any substance that causes excess stress to the body – and we come in contact with them everyday. That is why a regular gut cleanse is a good idea.

doTERRA’s gut cleanse consists of a series of innovative products that work with your inherent cleansing processes, when combined with a healthy diet, the renewing cleanse works to maximize the health and efficiency of your vital cleansing organs so that you can minimize toxic load naturally and maintain the results long-term.

What will you get in this program?
– Information and access to support within a Facebook Community
– Weekly interactive webinars during May and June with a different focus each week
– Online Cooking Classes (and in person in Brisbane with a small fee)
– A “Toolkit” which will be posted to you including a recipe booklet, journal with weekly prompts and fridge magnet of the protocol (Mailed to your address)

Your investment:
// Your commitment, energy and ability to show up for yourself
// A Cleanse and Restore Kit through your dōTERRA account (contact me if you don’t have an account)
// And ONLY $33 for our program (Yes – ridiculously low cost to make this accessible to all – this is the Early Bird Ticket Price Throughout April).

Want to join us: GO TO

To take part what you will need to purchase through your dōTERRA Wholesale Account (or talk to me or the person who introduced you to this Gut Health Reboot Program to get access to a wholesale account and to these products):

The Gut Cleanse Kit you need to purchase:
// Life long Vitality Pack Trio
// Terrazyme®
// Zendocrine®
// GX Assist®
// PB Assist®
// Lemon Oil and/ or Smart and Sassy Oil Blend

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease. Please contact your health professional if you have health issues or concerns before entering a gut cleanse protocol.

For further information about the cleanse visit this page.