A couple of weeks ago I was a guest blogger for the fabulous Sally Steele from Steele My Style.

I had the privilege of meeting Sally at my children’s school, a couple years ago. Sally is the kind of person you know about before you meet her. She’s got a lust for life that can be seen as she drives around in a polka dot car, has hair that varies from shades of pink, to black, to ice blonde and back again, whilst the rest of us have the same cut and colour, year in and out. Sally has seemingly endless energy and runs a business which helps people maximise their potential. This is primarily translated into two areas- helping people maximise their marketing style and their personal branding style.  For the personal branding style, Sally helps her clients get out of the ordinary everyday rut and offers wardrobe consultancy services, personal shopping and style makeover services.

Sally’s daughter Indigo has been in Angus’s class for the past two years, and we both share the loss of a parent to life’s hardships. She’s passionate about eating clean and is practically the only person I know who has successfully eradicated sugar from her diet, and kept it that way!

Please click on the image below, to read my contribution which is about designing a life you love.