why use essential oils

Why do I use essential oils?

I’ve come to that sweet spot in life where I am “essentially happy”.  I’ve reached my forties, and I’m becoming more and more comfortable in my skin everyday. I’ve overcome the initial fear to conquer a few things in my life like leaving a disempowering marriage, and start my own passion based business. I’m not afraid to be alone, as a single mother.  I credit personal development and the use of mindfulness, meditation, tapping and EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) alongside the daily use of essential oils with this level of satisfaction with my life.

why use essential oils


There are three major reasons that I decided to incorporate essential oils into my daily life.

  • Anti viral properties of essential oils:

I have two primary school aged sons. Every mother knows how sick kids are when they are little, as they bring home every bug that is going around the school. Not only are they affected, but the rest of the family becomes sick. This then impacts upon the quality of our life and the ability that I have to earn an income, because I spend more time at home looking after sick children. In 2015, my children were really ill with influenza B. There is nothing a doctor can do for Influenza, and my friend Chantal was really helpful during this terrible two week period, providing me with oils to massage into my children to help speed up their recovery and also oils to diffuse so they could breathe at night.

Over a six month period of time I benchmarked the illness and recovery of my children with that of my mother, who often got sick at the same time of us, because of her exposure to the children. What I noticed is that we recovered from most illnesses within 48 hours whilst she could be sick for up to two weeks! To me it became a “no brainer” and I felt empowered with the knowledge and the tools to help my children recover quicker. I also then began to learn about how to use oils to prevent illness.

  • Mental Health benefits of essential oils:

As a divorcee, I know how your mental health impacts the happiness of your family. I have never experienced clinical depression, (only situational) and I am passionate about prevention of depression through the active management of our mental heath. This starts with what we believe, and think which creates the actions and the results we are seeing in our lives. The way we look after our gut health also has a direct impact upon the health of our mind, as the two are inter-related.
I believe from personal experience that essential oils are one of the best tools to help manage your mental health, through the use of oils in aromatic diffusion, plus the topical application of oils during our busy stressful times. The use of essential oils internally has a direct impact upon the health of our gut, and I have incorporated them in my cooking and in my drinks- e.g. smoothies and kombucha.

  • They make me FEEL nourished, and empowered.

You read that correctly. Using essential oils instead of chemicals in my daily routine makes me feel nourished, because I am not only taking care of my body and spirit and mind, but also making empowered choices to help my family, and the families of those who harvest the plants and trees and flowers that are used to create the essential oils. I know the company that I represent empowers the communities that they work with. And that makes me feel good.


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