How to use Essential oils to spark romance: your guide to sensuality and creating a mood for romance

How to use essential oils to spark romance

How to use Essential oils to spark romance: your guide to sensuality and creating a mood for romance

If you’ve been wondering how to use essential oils to spark romance, you are in the right place! Essential oils are the “tool” that you have been looking for to spark romance. Forget stuffed bears, long stemmed roses or expensive date nights, essential oils are the easy way to use the power of aroma to create romance.

Even ancient civilisations knew how to use essential oils to spark romance

The power of aroma to awaken the senses and impact your love life is not just a myth, or a legend. There are clues dotted through books and sacred texts and in the drawings of the Egyptians. Cleopatra was famous for her use of essential oils and roses to create lasting memories and associate feelings of love.

How to use essential oils to spark romance


How to use essential oils to spark romance:

Essential oils can be used by:

  • giving your partner a loving massage
  • wearing essential oils as a pure-fume   (a pure-fume is a perfume made from non-toxic ingredients)
  • Aromatic dressing (when you anoint your body with essential oils by placing the oils in your body cream and rubbing into your arms and legs before putting your clothes on).
  • in a diffuser in your bedroom to make your bedroom smell amazing and also “set the mood” and tone
  • sprinkle your sheets and pillow (create your own linen spray)


Spice essential oils spice up romance

Spices such as cinnamon are used for their ability to “spice things up”. Words and phrases we often use in every day language actually allude to the truth. Spices heat up the body and help stimulate desire. If you look at the synthetic ingredients of commercial perfume you will find that spices are a key fragrance used in cologne for men. Essential oils unlike perfume do not disrupt your endocrine system and are non-toxic.

Spice essential oils include:

  • Cinnamon
  • Cassia
  • Clove
  • Black Pepper (see below)
  • Cardamom
  • Ginger

Are you having less sex because you are too tired after your busy day?

We lead busy lives, and one of the side affects of stress, is reduced sexual desire. It’s not just couples who are dating who are and should be interested in the sensual nature of essential oils. Couples who have been married and had children together, need to learn how to spend time intimately together again. I find aromatherapy to be more discreet and less invasive and potentially embarrassing for a couple than say introducing sex toys or lingerie when a lull in the marriage produces reduced sexual intimacy and a feeling of being “flatmates” rather than lovers.

Often stress leads to a viscous cycle of anxiety in relation to sex. We know we haven’t had sex in a while. We feel bad about this, and maybe our partner is alluding to this via subtle or not so subtle comments in private or in public. The more stressed we feel about this, the more we feel we have to “fit sex in” like something that you would schedule on your calendar. This makes it a chore, and blocks the body’s natural ability to feel aroused. We may even just jump into bed to “get it over with”

(cue scene in the Sex in the City Movie where Miranda says to Steve There are more important things than sex, Let’s just get it over with”…. (we inwardly cringe, but most of us have been there)…


How to use essential oils to spark romance


How to use Black Pepper essential oil for sparking romance

How to use essential oils to spark romance

Black pepper is a wonderful essential oil to use to help us take of the masks that society has taught us to wear. We are born free of cares and worries, but as we are “domesticated” into life, we are taught what is wrong and right and how to act, what to dream for and to expect in life. Black pepper allows us to stop and show our true selves. We need not mask our true personality or undesirable characteristics and body flaws. It teaches us that we can be loved and accepted for who we really are.

Black pepper is particularly good for stimulating and arousing the genital areas by increasing blood flow to the region. Please however, use with caution and only when diluted in a carrier oil such as fractionated coconut oil, as it is a spicy oil!


How to use essential oils to spark romance on the go: with pure-fume

One of the easiest ways to make yourself feel sexier is through aroma. Everyone knows the allure of perfume for both the anointed and the passerby. When you wear specific essential oils that are known to increase libido and arousal, you will enhance romantic feelings for yourself, and loved ones who can take in the gorgeous aromas that you are wearing.  I find it easiest to use essential oils in a pure-fume in the form of a rollerball. You can carry them in your purse and apply when going out to dinner or a date.

Here are a few of my favourite pure-fumes for romance:

My favourite essential oil pur-fume is the doTERRA Passion Touch. It comes in a handy pre-diluted rollerball so you can simply apply to your neck, pulse points and anywhere else that you desire to be kissed.


Salubelle (known as Immortelle in the USA/Canada ) is another essential oil pure-fume that gets great compliments and comments

How to use essential oils to spark romance


How to use essential oils to spark romance with a diffuser:

There are so many different combinations of essential oils that you can use in a diffuser in a bedroom, or your lounge room to create an invigorating aroma that stimulates and arouses you both.  This is possible because essential oils are inhaled via your nose, and travel via the mucous membrane up to your Olfactory system, and then into the Limbic system, which is the control centre for emotions in your body. Once your Limbic system interprets the codes found in the aroma, it passes the message to your body via your nervous system. So you literally can teach your body to respond to a set of essential oil aromas by using those oils exclusively for times when you want to instigate romance and sexual and sensual activities.


How to use essential oils to spark romance

How to use essential oils to spark romance

How to use essential oils to spark romance


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