Essential Oil Classes

I am a natural teacher and love sharing how essential oils can empower you to make changes in your life. When it comes to learning about natural health solutions and how to use essential oils, there is no substitute for face to face learning as you can smell the essential oils and understand how your personal olfactory system reacts to the essential oils. Everyone has their unique history with aromas, based upon the events and experiences we have accumulated over a lifetime. You may hate the smell of lavender due to a negative experience with someone in the past who wore a lot of lavender talcum powder or perfume for example, whereas perhaps I grew up and had lavender in my garden and love the smell. Our limbic system processes our aroma based memory and links it to an emotional reaction, so everyone’s experience is personal.  In addition many essential oils have different aromas however the same benefits, so it’s great to be able to see in person if when choosing between two oils that have common benefits, one seems more appealing than the other.


Here is a listing of my upcoming essential oil educational Events. Please register to indicate your interest.

How can I host an essential oil class or event for my friends and family or work colleagues?

If you would like me to host an essential oil class for you, please contact me on the form below. I will help you to ensure that you and your guests have a wonderful experience. Unlike many home based party companies, there are no minimum sales requirements for your to receive a complimentary gift. Usually the hostess gifts that I present are aromatherapy accessories like lava bead bracelets, earrings and other assorted gifts which help enhanced your experience with the essential oils.  In addition to your gift, you are also able to earn 20% commission from the sales at the essential oil class, if you have a 100PV order in the month that the class is hosted and a 100PV Loyalty Rewards Template. Please ask me more about how this works using the form below.

I am willing to travel around Australia if you have a minimum of 5 people attending who are not already wellness advocates with doTERRA, unless of course you are a team member or a customer of mine.

What kind of essential oil classes can I go to or host?

For anyone who is new to essential oils, I conduct an “Introduction to Essential Oils” class.  Once you have attended one of these events I then host follow up classes to ensure you are getting the most from your essential oils.

  • Mother and Daughter Pampering Session
  • Cooking with Essential Oils : guest presenter Chantal Roelofs (fee applicable)
  • Frankincense Master Class
  • Emotions and Essential oils
  • Medicine Cabinet Makeover
  • Essential oils for metabolism
  • Toxin Free cleaning with essential oils
  • How to create a positive relationship with stress
  • Helping teenagers with academic stress

International Events:

At this stage I host Facebook live, Skype and Zoom classes for international customers. If you are interested and committed, then I will send you class materials and samples of the essential oils that we will use in advance of the class.