Talking about death

To me the key is understanding that life is to be lived fully and in the moment, without fear of death because you have prepared for it.  That is you understand it, you have made choices that you are comfortable with and you have communicated your wishes.  This frees up your mind, and allows you to live joyfully. It is important to talk about death so it is not taboo. When a subject is taboo, people become afraid of it and don’t discuss it openly,  superstitions are created, and  false truths are held as facts.

I can recommend the following Ted Talks on the various topics introduced above:

What is death and why are we afraid of it?

Let’s talk about death: Stephen Cave at TEDxBratislava

Planning the end of your life

The worksheets from Judy’s workshop can be downloaded here.

TEDxNewy 2011 – Peter Saul – Dying in 21st century Australia, a new experience for all of us.

Talks on Palliative Care

TEDxNITCalicut – Gopinath Parayil tells about the Pain and Palliative Care initiative at Calcutta

Talks on living life fully

Death Cafe

Death Cafe is a global movement where people gather together to drink tea, eat cake and discuss death. The objective is ‘to increase awareness of death with a view to helping people make the most of their (finite) lives’.   Visit the website to find out more and locate your nearest Death Cafe.

Talking to kids about Death:
Trust Big Bird, to be able to talk so sensitively about the loss of a loved one 🙂


Just about anything you ever wanted to know about death can be found at Caitlin Doughty’s “Ask a Mortician” series.