Books to help you when facing end of life

“We read to know we are not alone, understanding another’s journey connects us”. 

Leimbach, McShane and Virago (2009)

The following is a list of the books I have devoured since my father died, in an attempt to gain understanding on what death is, and what it means.  Reading provided me with solace and an understanding that grief whilst universal is by its very nature, individual.  It may take over our lives, but hopefully, not our minds.

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Alexander, E. (2012).  Proof of Heaven. A Neurosurgeon’s Journey into the Afterlife.  Simon & Schuster Paperbacks. New York.

Burden, H.  (2012). A story of seven summers.  Allen & Unwin. Sydney.

Burpo, T & Vincent. L. (2010). Heaven is for real. Thomas Nelson. USA

Carlson, K.  (2010). Heart Broken Open.  Harper Studio. New York.

Carter, A.  (2009). The Alchemy of Loss.  A young widow’s transformation.  Hachette. Australia.

Chopra, D.  (2008) Life after Death. Random House.

Chopra, D.  (2012)  Self Power.  Rider & Co. London

Collings, S. (2009).  Positive finding life in the midst of cancer. Harper Collins. Australia.

Coustas, M.  (2013). All I know.  Allen & Unwin. Sydney.

De Angelis,  M & E. (2012). Postcards from the Other Side. Allen & Unwin.  Australia.

Eames, J.  (2009). Six Feet Under or Up in Smoke.  The Aussie Way of Death.  Allen & Unwin.  Australia.

Gibson, M.  (2009) Objects of the dead. Melbourne University Press. Australia.

Guggenheim, B & Guggenheim, J.  (2012). Hello from Heaven! Audiobook.  Tantor Media.

Katafiasz, K.  (2004). Grief Therapy.  Abbey Press.  Indiana.

Kubler-Ross, E.  (1969). On Death and Dying. MacMillan.  New York.

Leimback, C, McShane, T, Virago,Z.  (2009). The intimacy of Death and Dying. Allen & Unwin. Australia.

Levy, A. (1999).  The Orphaned Adult. Understanding and Coping with Grief and Change After the   Death of Our Parents. Die Capo Press. USA.

Lewis, C.S.  (1966).  A Grief Observed.  Faber and faber. London.

Loudon, M.  (2006).  Relative stranger – a sister’s story.  Canongate. Melbourne.

Mackay, H.  (2013). The Good Life.  Pan McMillan. Sydney.

Neil, L.  (2009). Learning how to breathe.  University of Queensland Press. Brisbane.

Nierenberg, J.S.  (2013 ).  Daddy, this is it. Being with my dying dad.  Self published with

Noe, V. (2013).  Friend Grief and ANGER: When your friend dies and no one gives a damn. King Company USA.

Pausch, R.  (2008).  The Last Lecture. Hyperion Books. USA.

Rapp, E.  (2013). The Still Point Of The Turning World.  Two Roads. London.

Rinpoche, S.  (2008). The Tibetan Book of Living & Dying.  Rider. London.


Simonson, H. (2010). Major Pettigrew’s Last Stand. Allen & Unwin. Sydney.

Yeshe, TL.  (2011). Life, Death and After Death.  Lama Yeshe Wisdom Archive. Boston. (edited by Nicholas Ribush)

Wanzer. S & Glenmullen, J.  (2007). To Die Well.  Da Capo Press.  USA.

Ware, B.  (2012). The Top Five Regrets of the Dying. Hay House Inc. Sydney.