It’s a wet, miserable, cyclonic day here. Literally.  What better than to look at your photos from a holiday? 🙂 I’m Gwinganna dreaming.


Last year I had the privilege of spending a long weekend at Gwinganna Health Retreat at the Gold Coast hinterland with 50 amazing women from  Business Chicks. We had the full spectrum of weather from rain and fog on our arrival to brilliant sunshine and 40 degree heat!  We ate amazing food, mostly organically grown on the property – and followed a no caffeine, no meat, no dairy, no gluten, no sugar diet for the time we were there. Each day included a variety of exercise options – a quiet yin activity or a strenuous yang version.

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Each morning we rose at 5am with a knock on the door, then a cup of hot fruit based tea and a piece of fruit to stimulate the digestion followed by an hour and a half of exercise. Before breakfast we drank a shot of cider vinegar as a digestive, and then indulged in a delicious hot or cold treat. More exercise after breakfast then an education session on health and wellness before lunch.  The afternoons were “dream time”, where we indulged in spa treatments, slept, read books, or swam in the infinity pool. There was a no device and no work rule, and we weren’t allowed to discuss our businesses with each other. We were challenged to get to know each other, female to female, mother to mother, sister to sister.

websitesize-15We don’t often take time to spend relaxing at its purest sense. We fill our holidays with catching up with friends and family and lots of activities that we wish we had done during the year.  It’s really important however, to schedule “downtime” where we just be, and concentrate on how our bodies are feeling, and importantly resting the noisy thoughts that occur our minds. It was the most wonderful experience, and I recommend it to everyone.