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Douglas Fir Oil Product Description

From Christmas trees to telephone poles to a refreshing essential oil, Douglas Fir has a wide variety of uses and benefits. This bristly conifer tree is filled with revitalizing compounds that can purify the skin and help maintain a sense of focus. When used aromatically or topically, its fresh green aroma reflects the tranquility of its native New Zealand forests, creating calm feelings and encouraging an uplifted mood. The unique chemical composition of Douglas Fir essential oil can also promote feelings of open airways and easy breathing.
Sourced from evergreen fir trees in New Zealand, Douglas Fir oil possesses a unique chemical composition that gives it a purifying, uplifting, refreshing fragrance. The Douglas Fir is often used in the Christmas tree industry because of its fresh, woody aroma reminiscent of the outdoors. Along with an inviting, refreshing scent, Douglas Fir oil can help purify the skin when applied topically.

Douglas Fir Oil Uses and Benefits

  1. Because Douglas Fir trees are often used in the Christmas tree industry, the aroma of Douglas Fir essential oil has many uses around the holidays. You can create your own holiday room spray, and invite the smells of the season into your home. Simply combine 15 drops of Frankincense, 15 drops of Grapefruit, and 30 drops of Douglas Fir into a glass spray bottle. Top with water and spray!
  2. Many people use Douglas Fir oil for skin, because it holds cleaning and purifying properties when applied topically. Due to its chemical makeup, Douglas Fir essential oil is very useful for cleaning—whether you are wiping down counters or purifying your skin when you wash your face in the morning. To enjoy the benefits of Douglas Fir oil for your skin, add a few drops of the oil to your facial moisturizer to help cleanse and purify the skin.
  3. With a combination of citrus and wood notes, Douglas Fir oil’s aroma can help promote an uplifting and positive environment. When you want to create a positive mood at home, at the office, or in a child’s bedroom, diffuse a few drops of Douglas Fir essential oil. Because of its unique chemistry, Douglas Fir oil blends well with citrus, wood, and spice essential oils. Along with creating a positive mood, diffusing Douglas Fir oil will also freshen and purify the air—an added bonus!
  4. Bring an invigorating aroma to your daily hygiene routine by adding a few drops of Douglas Fir essential oil to your favorite cleansers and soaps. Add one drop of Douglas Fir oil to your facial cleanser, and enjoy the purifying and cleansing properties this oil has to offer. Before you get in the shower, add a drop or two of Douglas Fir oil to bar soap or body wash to experience added cleansing benefits with a refreshing aroma.
  5. For a relaxing, cooling massage experience, consider combining Douglas Fir essential oil with one or two drops of Wintergreen oil. Remember, doTERRA Fractionated Coconut Oil makes a great carrier oil for massages because it is safe and high quality. Diluting oils with Fractionated Coconut Oil can help you avoid skin sensitivity, particularly when using oils that are especially potent.
  6. Want an invigorating diffuser blend that will uplift your mood and help you focus? Combine Douglas Fir, Wild Orange, and Lemon or Bergamot oil in your diffuser for a blend that will freshen the air, uplift the mood, and promote a sense of focus. Need extra help focusing? Inhale Douglas Fir oil directly from the bottle.

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Fun Fact: The Douglas Fir tree gets its name from David Douglas, a famous Scottish botanist. However, the tree’s scientific name, Pseudotsuga menxiesii, was named after Archibald Menzies, one of Douglas’ rival botanists.

Plant Description
Native to North America, the coniferous Douglas Fir is a large, sturdy species with the potential to grow hundreds of feet tall. While Douglas Fir is a commonplace species in North America, it has become an invasive species in New Zealand because it keeps other native plants from growing in the surrounding soil. The second tallest conifer tree, Douglas Firs are characterized by their fir needles, which are known for their distinct aroma.

Chemistry of Douglas Fir Oil

Main Chemical Components: B-pinene, a-pinene, 3-carvene, sabinene

The chemical makeup of Douglas Fir essential oil is rather unique, because it combines beta-Pinene, a constituent found in Lemon and Lime essential oils, with monoterpenes that are commonly found in wood essential oils. This combination creates a distinct aroma similar to wood essential oils like FrankincenseJuniper Berry, and Cypress, while maintaining a citrus note. By combining these chemical components, the result is a woody, lemon-scented aroma that holds renewing and uplifting properties for the user.



Though the Douglas Fir is native to North America, it has become an invasive and aggressive species in New Zealand, where it threatens the surrounding landscape. Due to the climate and other environmental factors, the Douglas Fir tree grows 25 times faster in New Zealand than it can in North America, making it difficult to contain. While it is fast-spreading and uncontrollable, this tree causes more serious problems for the landscape in New Zealand. The roots of the Douglas Fir cause the ground around the trees to become barren—making it impossible for other native New Zealand plants to grow. Originally brought to New Zealand for the lumber industry, the Douglas fir is now an environmental threat to the landscape.

Using Douglas Fir trees for essential oil provides a more environmental alternative to simply cutting trees down. Through a responsible sourcing partnership, doTERRA is able to keep these trees from going to waste—making good use of an otherwise invasive species. Working closely with the New Zealand government, doTERRA has provided an environmentally friendly solution to a very serious problem by harvesting Douglas Fir trees for the use of essential oil.

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Sourcing Douglas Fir Essential Oil

 Emotional properties of Douglas Fir:

Douglas Fir essential oil is the oil of Generational Wisdom.  It has many similarities to White Fir as they “both address generational issues by inviting individuals to break free from destructive traditions passed dow  through their families….assists individuals to live according to their own conscience and values by letting go of harmful patterns….teaches that each generation can be a gift of new life, new growth and new beginnings….can assist with increasing the bond within one’s family….encourages healthy family dynamics where people and meaningful relationships are valued over blind loyalty traditions”.  Source: Emotions and Essential Oils by enlighten.



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