Divorce Photography

Divorce Photography .
You celebrate a marriage with a frock and a party, but when you divorce, everyone expects you to cope with the loss, and shock and anger in silence. What if you could celebrate the transformation in your life after your divorce has been finalised in a private cathartic session styled to reflect your journey? All sessions finish with a bottle of champagne, some essential oils and a chat.

Invest in yourself. Invest in your emotional health:

Let’s plan your special day. It’s a time for you and me to connect, share stories, and understand how the experience of divorce has transformed you, for better or worse.  We’ll talk via Zoom or telephone about your experience and organise a date and time. This photoshoot is a closed set. Please no other family members or friends present as this is a ritual for you.  We are not mocking the sanctity of marriage, but celebrating that you survived the experience, the heartbreak and the anger and grief and shock and loss.  We are celebrating your strength to recognise that when there is no longer “we” there is always you, and you must love yourself first.

Why trust Katische?

I am divorced, and have been for over 6 years and I understand the journey. I will not judge you, to me it is not important if you left the marriage or were left, both are emotionally traumatic. I have blogged for over 6 years on the subject of divorce, death and grief and have been very publicly open about my journey. My original divorce blogs were on a website known as “The Lakehouse Writer”.  Here are a selection of my more recent blogs so that you can understand:

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What is needed for the day:

  • Your wedding outfit if it still fits, or a second hand outfit from a charity shop.
  • A decision- are you burning (safely with fire precautions), or trashing your dress?  We can trash it with mud, paint, or  water (in the ocean). If you are still in love with your dress, we don’t have to trash it, but we can do something else symbolic, but the catch is it has to be significant for you to achieve an emotional breakthrough.
  • Props- I will talk this through with you based on your vision for the shoot. Please note that alcohol will not be consumed until AFTER the shoot has been completed and we have finished the ritual.

You will receive:

  • 10-15 fully edited high resolution images via dropbox
  • 1 printed high resolution archival quality image
  • a commemorative video
  • a set of emotional aromatherapy essential oils from doTERRA along with a complimentary membership and emotional coaching from Katische (valued at over $400).
  • Access to Katische’s private facebook group for those who have participated in a similar photo shoot.

How long is each session?

Each session is 1.5 hours photography time and then an hour for champagne after this. The sessions must be kept brief to ensure that you do not get too cold and wet and to ensure your privacy.

To book your session, call Katische on +61 411 040 688 or contact me. At this stage, these photo shoots are based in Brisbane Australia.  I am happy to travel to you if you pay for my flights and accommodation, or if you organise a group of ladies to book a day and divide it up the sessions.

Investment: $1000 + GST.  A 50% deposit is required to book your session.