Siberian fir Essential Oil

Siberian Fir Essential Oil

Siberian Fir essential oil is an oil that you might associate with the smell of Christmas or snowy white forests in winter.

It’s wonderful for clearing stuffy heads and is the oil of mighty frost.

It’s perfect to help you emotionally rise above challenges.

Fabulous when used in massages to help relieve feelings of stress it’s also great for soothing minor skin irritations.

According to Desiree Mangandog in the book I am Fabulous, Siberian Fir “assists in breaking poor money habits that have been passed down the generations.

This oil helps to break patterns such as a lack of putting money in savings, a resistance to investing, a habit of spending more money than you earn, or gambling”.

siberian fir essential oil

siberian fir essential oil

If you have been using White Fir in a diffuser blend, then Siberian Fir is the perfect essential oil to use as a replacement oil.

To learn more about Siberian Fir, watch the video below.

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