Dating after divorce

Dating after divorce


How soon is too soon to start dating after divorce? The answer to this is both simple and complex. It is also highly individual. Before you start dating, you must process your emotions surrounding the dissolution of your previous relationship. Or to put it simply, don’t just fuck someone for revenge.

Only you can tell when the time is right, and like most of us, you will think you are ready, when you are not. The best thing you can do is take some time to be alone, to grieve, to rebuild your strength and courage and self identity and to enjoy being by yourself. In short, learn to love yourself first, before you date again.



If you run into the arms of another lover you risk making the same mistakes. You also risk starting a relationship based on that person’s ability to “fix” you.

There are times when we are propelled into dating, to help with a physical urge to feel wanted and needed, and to fill a sexual hole. It’s understandable, but it’s also empty sex. Devoid of love and meaning.

The most important thing is to be kind to yourself.  You will stuff up, but date by date, you will learn a little more about yourself, about the qualities that you do and don’t want this time, and you will learn what you heart can bear, and what it desires.

I started dating about a year after my divorce. Or should I say tried to date. It was not successful, as I was hurt and angry and propelled this onto prospective dates. This inevitably resulted in some now funny, dating disasters. I needed three years alone to face the dating world again.

How has your dating experience been post separation and divorce?

how to deal with anger after divorce

How to deal with anger after divorce

How to deal with anger after divorce.

how to deal with anger after divorce

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Are you wondering how to deal with anger after divorce? You’re not alone.

I think everyone who has gone through divorce experiences anger at some point in their life. We can be emotionally triggered by certain things that our exes do.

Sometimes it is just a storm in a tea-cup. We are ready with the blame and the frustration and the anger. That’s life isn’t it? Feelings creep up on you, and unresolved they explode, if you are not mindful of them.

Often in the middle of a disturbing emotion, we lose sense of perspective and objectivity. Anger is a message that one of our fundamental values has been compromised, and it insults and irritates us. The extent to which it does, sometimes correlates to the extent of our anger. Other times, it’s a lack of sleep, distraction and misinterpretation, and those stories we have in our head.  You know the ones that go like this…

I can’t believe he said that!

What does he think I am?

How selfish!

expletive expletive

It’s his son for xxx sake.

What a stingy bastard.

Now the above may or may not be true.

It is possible that what was said, was simply interpreted in your mind according to your perspective, and isn’t what they meant at all.

A good test is to explain what was said to an impartial person.  If they say, “No, I don’t think they meant that” then it is highly likely that you overreacted. Don’t shame yourself over it. Just learn from the experience.

There is nothing wrong with anger as an emotion, and repressing it serves no purpose other than to create mental and physical disharmony. However, we need to find ways to become mindful of our anger as it rises, so that we can find ways to express it and then move forward.

For me, if I can be mindful enough to access my essential oils, I can calm down fast enough to change my perspective, get a little space and not overreact.

How to deal with anger after divorce using essential oils:

Essential oils are the volatile liquids that are distilled from plants.  Being an all natural substance, they are much kinder to your body and mind that diffusing anger with food, alcohol, video games, revenge sex, physical violence or any other form of distraction.  Essential oils help promote emotional, physical and spiritual healing. Each different essential oil has different emotional components which are interpreted by the amygdala which is stimulated by fragrance.

When we inhale essential oils, we access our limbic system via our olfactory system (your nose).  The limbic system is the control centre for emotions in our body. So when we inhale essential oils, they travel up the nasal passage via the mucous membranes and reach the limbic system.

There they are interpreted and then a message is sent through your nervous system to your body. So if we understand which essential oils create the varying emotional responses, then we can reach for the correct essential oil, or combination of essential oils, at the right time.

What is a diffuser and how will it help me deal with my anger after divorce?

A diffuser is a simple device that you plug into electricity that contains water. It sends out cool mist which contains the aroma molecules of the essential oils you have placed in with the water. You generally need only 4-6 drops of essential oil each time you use the diffuser. Diffusers vary by brand and functionality, however, I like the Petal diffuser because it has 3 timer settings, a night light and it turns off automatically when the diffuser runs out of water. A diffuser of this size generally sends out enough aroma for one standard room.

Don’t be fooled, extra water storage capacity does NOT mean that it will service a bigger room. You need a specialised diffuser which has controls to change the intensity of the aroma.

how to deal with anger after divorce

What essential oils should I use to help with my anger after divorce?

Cardamom essential oil is the oil of objectivity. It is perfect if you get hot headed as a result of frustration and anger with other people. It helps bring mental clarity and balance and objectivity. It also assists with the “digestion” of intense emotions by redirecting the energy to the solar plexus, the centre of responsibility. Cardamom essential oil will help you stop blaming others and take personal ownership and responsibility for your feelings, resulting in you feeling calmer and more peaceful and in control.

How to deal with anger after divorce

how to deal with anger after divorce how to deal with anger after divorce

Topical application of essential oils to help with anger after divorce:

The second way to diminish feelings of anger, that is more portable than lugging a diffuser around with you, is topically. What this means is applying the essential oils to your skin, on your pulse points. Now the rule of thumb is always to dilute the essential oil in a carrier oil such as fractionated coconut. 1 drop per teaspoon of coconut oil. However, this is not always practical, so I always buy the essential oils that I want to keep in my bag, in a rollerball, that way they are already pre-diluted. Peace of mind.

Here’s an example of two essential oils that are already in a rollerball, that help with calming the emotions:

how to deal with anger after divorce

Why is it important for me to deal with my anger after divorce? Isn’t it just a “stage” I am going through that is justified?

It is important to deal with your anger as it arises. Why? Becuase your thoughts are actually physical, they become chemicals inside our bodies once we think them.

“The instance a thought occurs, you hypothalamus – ‘the control centre’ at the base of the brain- turns that thought into hundreds of neuropeptides, each associated with the dominant emotion of the corresponding thought. Those neuropeptides – your thoughts- are actual molecules being transmitted through your mind and body”…..”The body’s cells develop more and more specialised receptors for the neuropeptides to which they are most exposed. In fact, cells will even begin to crave these neuropeptides and ask the hypothalamus to produce them. Over time your cells wind up supporting a self-fulfilling emotional prophecy all brought about by the power of thought.”

Source: Living Healthy & Happily Ever After by Rebecca Linder Hints and Dr. Susan Lawton.

So, in short, if you don’t tend to your anger and learn to watch it rise, and diffuse it gently then you will become increasingly angry as a default emotional response.

Why not let essential oils be the tool that helps you?

If you need additional help with other emotions you are experiencing then the following pages will help you with anxiety, stress, and heartbreak and grief. This webinar also covers how essential oils help manage emotions.

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Soundtrack of a divorce

There are songs that haunt us, by the very fact that they seem to look right into our hearts, and upon inspection, rip them apart. How is it, that someone you have never met, can understand exactly how you feel? How can the universe present you with a song, at a pertinent time in your life, that mirrors exactly how you feel, captures your raw emotions, and yet also helps with a little piece of healing, in the mere fact of the recognition of your suffering.

Adele was in Brisbane this weekend. It seems that everyone went, including many of my friends, and their daughters. A beautiful moment for mothers and daughters celebrating a rite of passage; a first concert together, and a shared love of a gorgeous and talented, emotive musician.  I watched with envy the Facebook and Instagram posts. But tonight, I realised, an Adele concert even now, is still too raw for me.

You see 21, was the soundtrack of my separation and divorce. Just like millions of others, who identify with the raw pain and heartbreak that Adele captures so magnificently, Adele captured my heartbreak.

21 was the first album that I purchased after leaving our marriage. We moved to a tiny house overlooking a lake, which was surrounded by rolling hills, mist and green dairy pastures. And as we drove each day from our lake house, to town, and down the long windy road to kindy we sang. My two year old, four year old, and I sang out loud to the words of Rolling in the Deep.

My children knew the song, by the first few beats. They looked forward to it, knowing somehow, that mummy loved the song, that it was the only time that she sang out loud, and that somehow, it brought a release.  Somehow, the words of a song, sung by someone else, gave flight to the emotions contained within.

I stayed until I could no more. I unravelled to my very core trying to save that marriage. I gave birth to the guilt that accompanied leaving.

He found solace in another woman’s arms fours weeks later, and has had partners ever since.

I never wanted to go back, it was done. But my heart has been sticky taped ever since.

I have hated him, forgiven him, embraced his new partners, gone out of my way to be the perfect ex-wife, and mostly, not forgiven myself.

We could have had it all.

But we didn’t.

It’s time to find a new song, to open my heart again, and create a future which has it all, this time, with a love song.