Frankincense and Cancer

Frankincense is amazing, however there is a lot of misinformation about Frankincense essential oil. Here’s what you need to know.

  • Frankincense comes from the Frankincense tree otherwise known as the Olibanum tree, which comes from the Burseraceae family.
  •  There are 25 different Boswellia tree species of which 3 are used by doTERRA to produce Frankincense essential oil. Main used in industry:

The Bowsellia Sacra Tree

1.  Boswellia sacra

2.  Boswellia carteri

3.  Boswellia frereana

4.  Boswellia neglecta (perfume grade)

5.  Boswellia rivae

6.  Boswellia serrata


How is the magic extracted from the tree?


  • The Boswellia tree  is slashed and it weeps tears that produce oleo-gum-resin which has three basic components:
    • resin
    • gum,
    • essential oil
  • The amount of therapeutic value of the Frankincense resin, gum and oil depends upon the potency of specific species of tree that you use. eg Serrata vs Carteri etc

Potency is also influenced by:

  •  The balance of chemical constituents within an oil.
  •  This balance creates a therapeutic range.
  •  Not how much of each individual compound is in the oil, it is how the compounds complement one another to create synergy.

There has been lots of talk about the therapeutic value of the Boswellic acid of the Frankincense which is found in the RESIN.

  • It is important to note that not all compounds identified in Boswellia resin are liberated in the essential oil it produces.
  • It is difficult to quantify the value and concentration of Boswellic acid in frankincense once distilled into an essential oil.
  • Those who boast of it being an active ingredient in the essential oil have likely added a synthetic variation of the compound.
  • Some people get confused because the essential oil bottles contain the word “Boswellia” so they think it means that the oil contains Boswellic Acid. NO! It comes from the species of Tree names Boswellia.
  • Boswellic Acids are the most significant source of the therapeutic value of Frankincense in relation to the apoptosis of cells

Boswellic acid is best utilised as an active ingredient in supplements– it is in the doTERRA LLV supplement range, specifically ALPHA CRS.

What do Boswellic Acids do?

  • valuable in promoting health and wellbeing
  • proven to be effective inhibitors of inflammation
  • proven to be effective inhibitors of cancer



  • So are we clear? You need the resin to get the Boswellic acids. However, this does not mean that Frankincense essential oil does not have any benefits. So as Dr Hill says “although Boswellic acids have unique and potent properties, they are not responsible for the effectiveness of Frankincense Essential Oil”.

    To learn about the benefits of the Frankincense Essential oil visit this page.

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