Essential Oils and Cancer

Recently I have been receiving enquiries about helping people who have been diagnosed with cancer. Naturally, I understand the world of pain that both the person with the diagnosis and the family are experiencing upon the diagnosis. My first questions are

  1. What is the exact diagnosis and stage? eg Lung Cancer T4 – Terminal.
  2. How long ago is the diagnosis?
  3. What program of treatment has been advised?
  4. What is the relationship between you and the person with cancer?
  5. How are you coping with this diagnosis?
  6. How is the person we are speaking about coping with the diagnosis? (I recommend that help is sought via an experienced counsellor, psychologist or therapist)

I listen and then advise them that it is important to first and foremost understand that the patient must themselves decide upon how they want to face this diagnosis. When my father was diagnosed, he did not wish to pursue alternative forms of therapy. He was diagnosed at T4 – Terminal and died 8 months later. With the knowledge I have now, I would urge him to try essential oils, however, I have no way of knowing if he would have tried, given his reluctance. If he could come back, would he try? Who knows? Perhaps his time was simply up.


I can not be of assistance from a medical perspective as I am not a clinical aromatherapist.  I do not diagnose, or prescribe.


What I can do is explain the research I have done, and show the range of products that may be considered and then ask that the information be provided and in consultation with your doctor or therapist, decide if this is appropriate and if it will interfere with medication  or be complimentary.

Acceptance of Terminal Diagnosis:

As a daughter who lost her father to prostate cancer,  I understand how you feel, and the anxiety and fear you have. Upon diagnosis most of us are willing to try anything to save our loved one. We suffer from information overload as we are presented with many potential miracle cures, but there is one certain fact. We all die at some stage. I can’t tell you if your loved one will die of the cancer, but the resources on my website, I hope will help those who are willing to accept their terminal diagnosis and make peace with the life that is left.  For those people I recommend using an aromatherapy approach to the rest of their life, specifically:

  • Aromatherapy via diffusion of essential oils to manage feelings of anxiety, depression, sadness, and anger. (for both the person with Cancer and the family coping with the diagnosis)
  • Aromatherapy via diffusion of essential oils to manage feelings of nausea
  • Topical application of essential oils to manage feelings of discomfort in the body- eg aromatherapy massage for constipation, nausea, aches and pains (especially when the cancer reaches the bones)
  • Topical application of essential oils to manage weeping wounds, bed sores etc and other conditions that arise as a result of the body naturally breaking down as the illness progresses.
  • Topical application of essential oils to enhance physical contact, sense of love and comfort between family members- eg Aromatouch hand massage.


If you would like assistance with the above, please use the contact form below, and I will be in touch. You may find my End of Life resources helpful. There is specific information about Aromatherapy for patients and clients in hospice and palliative care facilities and who are using palliative care services at home.


For those looking for a “cure”.

I know, it’s tough. There is lots on the internet about using essential oils to cure cancer. Right now there is a lot of scientific work being done to explore the links between various essential oils and cancer however, at this stage, all research that has been published that has been scientifically proven has the following common elements:

  • Tested on mice and other laboratory animals not humans
  • Done in the lab on isolated cancer cells in a dish.
  • Injected into horses with tumours (malignant melanoma)

There are plenty of testimonials on the Internet about using essential oils to cure cancer. I however, do not know these people or understand the exact regime that they have undertaken, the stage and type of their cancer and the dose of the oils they used. If you read something, I urge you to contact those individuals directly and ask to speak to the team of professionals who assisted them on their journey.

Please note that cancer is an individual journey. The research and the effects of each essential oil point out that there is different effectiveness of the oils depending upon the type of cancer- eg Prostate, Lung, Mammary. There is a definite and distinct effectiveness difference according to the type of cancer.

Yes, the results are exciting and promising. I am excited, and I am using the studies to help in my personal use of essential oils to reduce the likelihood that I will suffer from an inflammation based disease during my life. Will it save your loved one? I am not sure.

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