The healing power of holidays

I do not need to be convinced that holidays are important for the mental health of my family. I only have to look back at our photographs to see the joy in the subtle movements of my children, and the expressions on their faces. Everything that seemed too hard, becomes ok with a bit of distance and perspective. Even kids who couldn’t drag themselves to school a minute longer suddenly get a zest for life that is contagious. Holidays are a precious investment into the health and well being of my family. They’re not sacred, they’re a staple.

untitled (36 of 491)

untitled (94 of 491)

These photos were taken at Seven Mile Beach at Lennox Heads, in New South Wales at Easter.





An examination of Motherhood

I just got published! Live now on the Australian Woman’s Weekly Magazine Website! The number of exclamation marks should surely indicate how excited I am 🙂 Thank you Australian Woman’s Weekly Magazine. I hope this article provides reassurance and food for thought for all mothers.

“Motherhood is what you make of it. It requires nothing short of 100% mental focus and it is your grandest “project” that you will ever undertake.”

Happy Mother’s Day for this weekend.





I’m excited to invite you to my debut photographic exhibition. I’ve chosen the Richard Randall Art Studio because I love the botanical gardens.  I thought the location was fitting given the inspiration for my photographic exhibition is my personal awe of nature. On display will be a collection of my favourite rainforest and beach photographs, with a couple of florals as well.

The Richard Randall Art Studio was purpose built in 1900 by George Randall, for his son Richard. Richard was one of Queensland’s leading artists at the time. This studio is where Richard painted, taught classes and held exhibitions until he died only a short time later in 1906. The studio was originally located in Cordelia Street, however it was finally moved to the Botanical Gardens in 2008 where it was restored to National Trust standards.

Please note that I believe in accessible art, so these images are NOT limited in number and inflated in price. You will be able to see the photographs in large format, and then if you are inspired, choose between the actual image at the exhibition, or a size that suits your home or office the best.

I look forward to sharing both my passion for nature and photography with you, and meeting you in person.

Escape to the country

Mallow Cottage Stanthorpe

Stanthorpe and the Granite Belt

The nights are getting cooler, and retailers are trying to convince us it is time to rug up in winter woolies, despite the unusually warm weather we are experiencing in Brisbane. As soon as it gets cool, I start dreaming of getaways that involve log fires, red wine and doing nothing.

The Granite Belt region, and the town of Stanthorpe is the perfect location for this- two and a half hours drive from Brisbane. With the Autumn upon us, the leaves will start changing colours and it will hit peak accommodation season in the region.

We hit the road with our dog over the New Years Break, seeking solitude, a location that would accept a pet and a new adventure. It had been at least a decade since our last visit to the region and despite the easy access to restaurants and wineries, we just wanted to chill. Our taxing holiday wish list was to read books, eat good food, and pull out the cameras when we were inspired.

sunflowers Allora

To start our journey we visited the famous Sunflower fields of Allora, and ran into a number of other Instagrammers who were there to do exactly the same – capture the illusive photo. As luck had it, the Sunflowers were about to be harvested and had lost their petals, however it made for a stunning stop regardless.

The road past Mallow Cottages Stanthorpe

Mallow Cottage has its own private entrance on the property and is fully fenced to ensure the safety of your pet or children. There is no wifi and minimal phone reception, so you can truly disconnect and enjoy the moment, your partner and your surroundings. Helen the owner checked on us each day to see if there was anything we needed, but otherwise left us to enjoy the peace. We ordered a pack of organic lamb chops and sausages to cook on the bbq and enjoyed dining on the verandah.

Sheep Stanthorpe

The free range pasture feeding and certified organic farming practices and care for the welfare (there is no mulesing) certainly agrees with the sheep. And we’re not the only people to think so- Mallow Organic Lamb was a Medalist in the Paddock section of ABC’s Delicious Magazine’s Produce Award in 2012. The camera’s got a workout, and the books stayed beside the bed.

Shearing Shed- Stanthorpe

Helen invited us to wander the property at our leisure. Mallow Cottages is a photographic heaven. Black cockatoos, Willy wagtails, kookaburras and butterflies galore visited us.  Not to mention the resident sheep. The property is a working organic lamb farm, complete with historic shearing shed, which was a Cobb and Co stop and a pub to name a few things.

Shearing Shed Stanthorpe

The cottage itself is a delight, tastefully renovated in a style sympathetic to its farmhouse origins, using where possible sustainable or salvaged materials and furnishings. This is line with Helen and Andrew’s philosophy of ‘creating a lighter footprint’.

Secret Lake House Stanthorpe

Near the dam is a secret summerhouse, which although we didn’t use it, would be a fantastic place to watch the colours of the afternoon golden hour, whilst relaxing with a bottle of wine. During our time we were treated to spectacular sunsets over the dam, and a storm, which brought magical clouds and freshness to the country air.

Sunset Stanthorpe

Two of our three days were spent relaxing and exploring the property, and New Year’s day we ventured out to explore the historic Wallangarra Railway station on the border of Qld and NSW and the Boonooboonoo falls near Tenterfield.

Wallangarra Historic Railway Station

We were so taken by the property we didn’t get a chance to explore Stanthorpe or its wineries. Stanthorpe is a fantastic spot to escape the searing heat of summer, due to its elevation, however, we look forward to returning to stoke up the fire and enjoy the chill of a proper winter.



The writer and her partner stayed at Mallow Cottages and Organic Farm at their own expense. They have fallen in love with the property and the owners, not to mention the lambs and will be back with their kids as soon as possible.

From $327 per night for all three bedrooms, or just $ 192 for the one bedroom for a romantic escape. ( We booked through



Lake Ainsworth

Lake Ainsworth is a gorgeous place to relax, swim and photograph at Lennox Head, New South Wales, Australia.

Lake Ainsworth

It’s so quiet at sunrise that you can hear the sound of the water rippling on the lake. My favourite time of the day.  (Click on images to enlarge)

Lake Ainsworth

Images: Lake Ainsworth, Lennox Head, NSW, Australia.

Lake Ainsworth


Sometimes it can feel like no one’s watching what you are doing. But I’ve been reminded by Austin Leon, to keep sharing and continually improve myself. Recently, however I have hit a gold mine, and a lot of my photos have been shared and featured in Instagram.  Whilst I take the photos for myself, to inspire myself, and because honestly, I just can’t help myself, it is nice to be recognised.

Australians are notorious for not sharing when they receive recognition because we have a culture of cutting down tall poppies and making sure people don’t get “a big ego”. I’d like to encourage everyone to do the opposite. Share your joys and your highlights, the right people will be there to cheer you on 🙂

If you’re on Instagram, I’d love to see your photos 🙂

Recently the Brisbane Open House featured my photo from last year’s competition as their Facebook Page photo. The photo was taken from inside the caretaker’s house in the bridge. We took a tour of the bridge as a part of the Open House weekend. It was great fun, and I look forward to submitting my application for further tours this year.



Portraiture with a twist of fashion



Recently I had the privilege of attending a portraiture workshop with my favourite photographer Carla Coulson. Carla is an Aussie who traded in the corporate life in Sydney, moved to Italy, learnt to take photos, and now lives with her husband in Paris. She is famous for not only her travel photography but also her portraiture, which has a twist of fashion.

RubyCotton2reduced size

The four day “Picture This” workshop was every photographer’s dream. Stunning locations, access to the best make-up and hair artists, and stylists and down to earth, but incredibly good looking “everyday” people who posed for us and pretended to be models. Everything was thought of, and organised for us. The food served each day was delicious and nutritious, and we had access to a small team of Carla’s trusted photography assistants to show us the ropes.


Having spent a week prior taking landscapes, my brain took a little to adjust to the different mindset.  Carla’s approach is to utilise natural light in all situations. There were no flashes, no tripods and no studio set ups. I can’t begin to explain how much I learnt about my camera and myself during this workshop.


For further information about Carla Coulson visit her website.



All photos taken by Katische Haberfield. Click on any image to enlarge.

Dreaming of Gwinganna

Soothe, Balance and restore

Soothe, Balance and Restore

Brisbane is lush and green at the moment. It is the rainy season here and everything gets renewed after the scorching summer heat and takes a long drink, turning everything in its path green.

This rejuvenation has made me reflect on colour, and the colours which I love. Colour has the ability to change how we feel, and it is no surprise that green and blue are my two favourite colours. These are the colours I love to wear and the colours I like when I choose furnishings and homewares. Green for its balancing and harmonising nature, and blue for its tranquility and calming effect.

The colours we use in our home help make it a haven, not just a house.

Inject some soothing green energy into your home with nature’s best inspiration and add a dash of sunny yellow to create balance.

Is it time for an injection of soothing colour in your life?  Copies of these fine art prints and canvases are available here and here.

For further interiors inspiration, follow my “Tranquil Tropics” board on Pinterest.

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Travelling through life with a camera

I need to escape regularly. Working from a home office, I need to get out on the weekends and inject some fresh air and life into my blood. I find travelling an easy way to do this. When I bring my camera along with me, I find that I stop more, and really take in my surroundings. I look for textures and colours, for the shapes in the clouds, and the everyday things that make me laugh. I look for the things that other people walk past.

The following photos are from a recent trip to Sydney’s eastern suburbs.