How can Naturopathy help in Perimenopause and Menopause? Video

How can Naturopathy help in Perimenopause and Menopause?

In this video I talk with the lovely Georgina from Earth to Essence Naturopathy.

We cover:

  • What is Naturopathy?
  • How can Naturopathy help with Estrogen dominance?
  • What are phytoestrogens?
  • How can you consume phytoestrogens naturally without supplementation?
  • What are herbal teas and how can they help in Perimenopause?
  • What are Australian Bush Flower Essences and Flower Essences and how can they help in Perimenopause?
Naturopathy Perimenopause Menopause
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yoga nidra for anxiety

Yoga Nidra for anxiety

In my last interview with Jane Macpherson, she explained how Yoga Nidra can be used for anxiety and to help us rest, which is important whilst going through the physical changes associated with Perimenopause and Menopause.

So today I thought I would share with you a fantastic online resource so that you can access the deep rest and healing for anxiety.

We know we’re supposed to be taking care of ourselves. So why is it so hard?

Because knowledge isn’t enough. 

Given the state of the world, not to mention the amount of trauma so many of us carry, the techniques we’ve learned in the past just aren’t cutting it.

We need a practice that is accessible, restorative, and ignites complete inner transformation – all while being trauma-informed.

Enter iRest. 

Created by yoga scholar and clinical psychologist Dr. Richard Miller, iRest Yoga Nidra Meditation is a simple yet profound pathway to ultimate well-being—physically, psychologically, and spiritually.

iRest Yoga Nidra Immersion

An 8-Week Online Intensive to Accelerate Mind-Body Healing & Spiritual Awakening

Enroll Now

In this eight-week program, you’ll learn how to use iRest practices to get better sleep, improve your health, and reduce anxiety.

But the benefits don’t stop there – based on traditional yogic teachings for inner liberation and enlightenment, iRest Yoga Nidra ultimately guides you to your own awakening.

The iRest Yoga Nidra Immersion has been designed to meet you wherever you are—whether you’re new to meditation and just want to feel better, or you’ve been on a spiritual path for decades.

Click here to learn more about this new online immersion today and grab a FREE meditation to try before you start the course.

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dangerous old woman

The dangerous old woman: Review

The Dangerous Old Woman is the first in a collection of 6, that follows on where Clarissa left off with Women Who Run with the Wolves.

It is the collected wisdom of thirty years of interviews and her PHD studies and is perfect for women over 35 and especially those who are transitioning through perimenopause and menopause

This collection begins the sharing of knowledge of the Wild Woman and the Wise Woman Archetypes.

The Wild Woman was discussed in Women who Run with the Wolves, and the Dangerous Old Woman starts the Wise Woman Archetype learnings.

Both Archetypes are twins. The Wild Woman is creative and runs on intuition and instinct and the Wise Woman has knowledge, knowing, imagining, and solid boundaries.

dangerous old woman

The Wise Woman has a sense of the visionary and carries the true home and knowledge of who we are.

She is wise because she knows what works.

About the Dangerous Old Woman Collection

For this collection, Clarissa has chosen not to pass the stories and lesson through the printed word, but to use the oral tradition of her people and talk to you. 

She wants you to understand that this kind of learning is soul learning, and you will take what you need on each listening.

When I listen, sometimes it feels like you drift off into another place in time and space entirely. It is a collection that you cannot listen to whilst doing something else.

Every part of your body and mind and spirit demands that you stop, that you go to a quiet place and that you devote yourself to immersing yourself in the moment so that you can truly absorb the meaning of the stories and what special messages they have for you and you only.

If you are like me, and try to sit at a table and listen with a notebook, you will, I promise, after half an hour give up the futile quest and put aside your pen.

For the voice of Clarissa does not translate to the paper, and neither do the images in your mind that you see as she speaks.

What will you get from listening to this collection?

Not a to do list, or a to be list.  But a knowing and an understanding. 

A making sense of some of the events in your own life.

Favourite Takeaways

On being eccentric:

Being eccentric is the first sign of giftedness.

The room of the dead

Who we are is not visible, but the answer to finding out this can only be found in the journey.

The Dangerous Old Woman- Session Overviews

Session Overviews

Session One: Revivir—Bringing Back to Life the Archetypes of the Wise and Wild

Stories and commentaries include:

  • What is meant by “Dangerous”?
  • The Silver-Lipped Ax
  • The Truth About Women’s Giftedness as They Grow Older
  • Notable Wise Old Women in Mythos
  • The Crone: Getting True Wisdom Is Not What We Were Taught
  • “Snow White,” Part One

A Q&A session with audience members follows Dr. Estés’s teachings, and we conclude with the blessing prayer “I Am Not Needed There.”

Session Two: Arbol De La Hoja Perenne—Woman as Indestructible Tree of Life

Stories and commentaries include:

  • La Anciana: The Two-Million Year Old Woman
  • Wild Woman and Wise Woman Archetypes are Las Gemelas, Twins
  • “Snow White,” Part Two
  • The Symbolism of the Madrasta (stepmother) and the Mirror
  • When This Tree Has Stood Winter

A Q&A session with audience members follows Dr. Estés’s teachings, and we conclude with the blessing prayer “One Day When I Was Old.”

Session Three: La Tejadora, The Weaver—Who Knocks at My Door with Tears and Treasure?

Stories and commentaries include:

  • “The Sun-Daggered Treasure Tree No One Remembered”
  • Why Old Women in Mythos Ever Companion the Young
  • Las Tres Osas, The Three Old Re-Weavers of Torn Lives”
  • The Mad Knitter, Coming into One’s Own, the Spiritus Imaginal
  • El Destino Asignaturo, Ditching the Collective, Creating New Culture

A Q&A session with audience members follows Dr. Estés’s teachings, and we conclude with the blessing prayer “Hymn of Gratitude, for We Are Pleased by Dangerous Old Women and Their Wild and Wise Daughters.”

Session Four: La Mera Mera and La Anciana—The Ultimate Two-Million-Year-Old Woman

Stories and commentaries include:

  • “The Man Who Hated Trees”
  • “The 17 Aunts and the Flying Forest”
  • Unus Mundus, Old World Wisdom
  • “The Jealous Girls and the Old Woman Under the Lake”
  • The Old Woman’s Beautiful Legacies

After the blessing prayer “The Angelic Ten,” Dr. Estés answers questions, then we conclude with the blessing prayer “When a Good Mother Dies.”

Session Five: Relámpago! Lightning!—Crossing the Crone Line

Stories and commentaries include:

  • “The Precious Museum Tree”
  • “What Did You Dream? What Did You Dream?”
  • “Learning to Juggle as a Pattern for Life”
  • “The Crossing Shawl”
  • Los Cinco Espiritus, The Five Women Spirits”

A Q&A session with audience members follows Dr. Estés’s teachings, and we conclude with the blessing prayer “Five Fears to Fear, and Then No More.”

Session Six: Las Vatas Locas—Street Wisdom and Gentle, Tough Old Women

Stories and commentaries include:

  • “The Pretty Poison Tree”
  • “Rest Well, God Is Awake”
  • “The Vashinger and the Return of the Vampires”
  • “The Ruby Red Fox”
  • “Seductions That Put Us to Sleep about Our Creative Lives”

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Can Yoga and Yoga Therapy help in Perimenopause and Menopause?

In this interview Jane and I discuss:

  • What is Yoga?
  • What is Yoga Therapy?
  • How can Yoga be used to help with anxiety and panic attacks in Perimenopause and Menopause?
  • Why you shouldn’t use Fit Bit’s to monitor your sleep and how it makes it worse!
  • How to modify your yoga practice or start one during flooding or heavy bleeding.
  • The poses you should avoid during heavy bleeding
  • What is a midlife crisis? Does Jane believe in Midlife Crisis?
  • How should we re-frame Perimenopause and Menopause?
  • The value of self care via retreats
  • Is it ever too late to start a Yoga practice and can it just be for your own personal sanctuary and not to learn how to do amazing headstands, and other poses?

Don’t miss Jane’s previous guest blog about how she transitioned from the corporate world to teaching Yoga!

painting with menstrual blood

Painting with menstrual blood

painting with menstrual blood

This week I have been learning to use a menstrual cup. On the first attempt, I looked at the size of it and thought- oh my god, how am I going to get that thing in?

And then I laughed at myself and looked at it and the thickness and told myself, well, if this was something else, if this was not plastic but part of a male, then I would have no troubles. My body would use its natural lubrication to bring it in.

What is it about the use of a plastic menstrual cup that invoked fear and makes us literally shrink at the sight of it?

And the answer is the blood.

What if it leaked? How would I know? Would I know? Would I be able to feel it? Would I have enough time to get to the bathroom without “embarrassing” myself?

It seems to be a pathological fear we women have about being “caught out” having our period.

As if it should be something that is a tightly held secret.

Perhaps it is in response of our younger days when having a period was used as a weapon against you.

“You on your rags?” was something that was spat out at you as a teenager, mind you from other girls my own age.

So I got on with it, and when it was full, I knew.

In that innate, I’ve got to get to the toilet in about 30 seconds kind of way.

When I looked down at the blood in the cup I thought- wow, it’s a bit like paint when you see it like this. It would make an interesting painting. If only it didn’t smell.

So I googled why does menstrual blood smell, and I can’t tell you how many blogs tried to tell me that menstrual blood has no smell.

Um no.

Anyway, apparently I am not the first to have these thoughts. About blood smelling and about painting with it.

So in my quest to keep demystifying menstruation- because- how can we expect to talk openly about perimenopause and menopause if we can’t talk about menstruation- I present to you- painting with menstrual blood.

I challenge you not to look away but to sit with this video and actually see how you truly feel about it. Take a break half way through if you need to, but if you sit with it until the end of the video, you will be surprised with how you feel.

Read the blog that accompanies the video:

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womens new midlife crisis

Review: Why We can’t sleep- Women’s New Midlife Crisis

Are there days when you feel like you are drowning? Are you a Generation Xer? – we were the generation of women who were told we could be everything and have everything!

And so we thought we could conquer the world. Yet here we are, feeling more stressed than ever, feeling like our careers are stalling, or just never turned out the way we thought they would, despite the fact that we have worked our butts off.

Ada Calhoun

I’ve just finished reading Why We can’t sleep- Women’s New Midlife Crisis by Ada Calhoun.

There are so many passages in the book that had me nodding, or exclaiming out loud YES!

I thought it was “just me”. That I was the odd one one, the problem child, the disappointment in my Masters Circle of friend, yet this book opened my mind to the fact that what I have been feeling does not make me “strange” or abnormal, or unsuccessful or a misfit.

The more I delve into understanding Perimenopause, the more I understand that this is not just a hormonal thing, it’s generational- and you don’t necessarily need a change in hormones to experience these feelings- although Perimenopause can exacerbate these feelings, and your body may start expressing itself in hot flushes or other “symptoms”.

“Women’s crises tend to be quieter than men’s. Sometimes a woman will try something spectacular- a big affair, a new career, a “she shed” in the backyard, but more often she sneaks her suffering in around the edges of care taking and work.

From the outside, no one may notice anything amiss. Women may drain a bottle of wine whilst watching TV alone, use CBD edibles to decompress, or cry every afternoon in the pickup lane at school. Or, in the middle of the night, they might lie wide awake, eyes fixed on the ceiling. There has yet to be a blockbuster movie centered on a woman staring out her car’s windshield and sighing.

So I understand why some people consider “crisis” too extreme a word for high-functioning women experiencing what can look like merely malaise or a funk or a rough patch”.

This book is a MUST read for everyone who is You will be mind blown with how Ada seems to understand your life.

Click image below to purchase:

Some of my favourite passages from the book:

Weight gain:

Um, yes. The midlife body has a mind of its own. Can we make peace with it at last or do we all need to desire to be a MILF?

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Essential Oil Rollerball: What is it and how do I use it? (video)

Video Transcript:

This glass device is a rollerball and this is a 10 ml rollerball. They come in a whole bunch of different sizes and also colours but they’re all made of glass.

A rollerball is called a rollerball because it’s got a rollerball on the end, seems pretty simple, doesn’t it? It just goes like that and it helps you roll on the essential oil.

You can get some rollerballs that are just balls like this and some have gems and things on the end as well they’re more expensive but this is a basic standard.

You can also get rollerballs that are very thin or thick glass and they can come in clear or amber or assortment of colours. The basic stock standard is a clear roller ball.

What we do with the rollerball is we take when they come they come in a package where you have all of your lids separate all of your bottles separate and all of your roller ball set up separate and what you do is you pop into the rollerball according to the ratio of your desire your essential oils.

Put them in there first and then you grab your carrier oil and you top it up. If you are going to use gemstones you use your gemstones first then your essential oils and then your carrier oil.

A lot of people buy the doTERRA fractionated coconut oil- it comes in a little bottle and they find it hard to put it in the rollerball -so what I do is my Woolworths hack, because I bought these sauce bottles- I think it was three or four or five dollars from Woolworths and then I put my carrier oil in here.

This thing just makes it really easy with this little applicator to tip the carrier oil into my rollerball bottle without any spillage and it’s really easy for kids of all ages then to make their own rollerballs and that empowers them, it makes them feel a lot better when they know that they can make it for themselves.

You can google or go to or send me a message there are plenty of guides to dilution ratios but the basic ratio is one drop of essential oil – 1 tbsp of carrier oil for a child who is a baby or a toddler and the ratio for an adult is one drop of essential oil – 1 teaspoon of carrier oil.

The idea behind the carrier oil is that the oil mixes with the carrier oil and then when you put it onto the skin you don’t have any issues of skin sensitivity. For essential oils that also means that the essential oil goes further and depending upon the brand, you use there are different strengths of essential oils.

Now, doTERRA is the most potent of all of the essential oils in the world, so you need less, and I really mean you need less and when we put it with a carrier oil it means that it’s not going to just simply evaporate but it’s going to be locked into your skin and then it will absorb into your bloodstream that way.

Choices of carrier oils:

The main thing you want to make sure is that the carrier oil remains a liquid and does not turn in to a solid substance where the temperature drops.

Don’t go down to the shops and buy coconut oil, because coconut oil as we know is beautiful and running in hot summer but it is solid in winter if you put that in a rollerball, it’s useless.

Types of carrier oils to use in Rollerballs.

So the most popular is fractionated coconut oil.

You can buy that in the supermarket or you can buy cheaper through doTERRA. The appeal of fractionated coconut oil if you buy one that is non-scented is you don’t smell like you go to the beach and it’s non-greasy so you don’t put it on and stain in your clothes and it’s not just sitting there.

You can also use Jojoba oil and depending upon that the different purpose of the carrier oil you can use different styles of carrier oil. A lot of people like to use Jojoba oil for the face but you can also Google that as well.

Pinterest is really good with different types of carrier oils and what we would like to do and when you can go and check out my Pinterest boards as well so I currently this is really yellow so you know it’s Jojoba oil- fractionated coconut oil is almost a clear colour. This is an example of a rollerball that I have made earlier so this is a specific blend that I made for kids.

Rollerball labels:

I pre-purchase the labels which you can do, there are many sites that sell on Etsy and on eBay and on sites like that sell labels as packages and they tell you the ratio of what you should make up for a particular child and according to what essential oils.

This particular one is an ear blend and it’s magical for kids who get ear nose and throat infections and sore ears. They just roll it behind their ears and that is a topical application designed to help.

There are many different ways you can use these rollerballs you can use rollerballs to make your own custom perfume blend or aftershave blend Cologne.

You can use rollerballs to simply have a handy way of using essential oils for kids so that they don’t have to worry about dilution ratio.

You might decide to keep the bottles up high and then keep a free range of different pre-blended essential oils in a rollable on shelves or in the bathroom accessible areas for kids so that kids can self help themselves.

Some kids might find it easiest if they have “owies” to rub a rollerball on their “owie”- some kids might use it when they’re needing emotional support there are a million different ways that you can use rollerballs.

If you’re going to use essential oils on your delicate eye area or you targeting a specific part of your body like a pimple or age line then a rollerball is a very easy way to apply.

How to use Lavender essential oil in Perimenopause and menopause

Women have a soul need to express themselves.

Clarissa Pinkola Este.

lavender essential oil

Lavender essential oil is the oil of communication, expression and release.

We often make statements about essential oils, but what is the historical proof that this is just so?

Lavender has been mentioned throughout history, however, some may not have stopped to wonder why it is a plant worthy of such fascination. In the 12th century the term “lavenderess” was coined:

Lavender was chosen not only for the ease of its growth but because of its multifaceted usability. Not only was it a pleasant smell, which helped mask all sorts of nasty aromas, but it was also a great substitute for smelling salts, used to help with flatulence, nausea and nervous exhaustion and stress- known primarily in those days as “feeling faint”.

It was also known as a gentle tonic for mood and effective in helping those in depressed states of mind.

According to Culpepper’s Complete Herbal (published in 1653), Lavender is under the dominion of Mercury, which rules communication, the mind, and the nervous system.

Perimenopause and release

Coincidentally. perimenopause and menopause are the time of release for women. It is the time when not only our bodies go through a release of menstruation, and all that this life-giving, and nurturing phase entails, but it also results in great emotional release.

Women who are aware only of the physical release of the need to menstruate and the side effects that may be experienced during this transition may not be aware of the impact it has on the nervous system.

Hormonal fluctuations and lavender essential oil

When used in a hot flushes spray, lavender essential oil has a calming effect and creates a sense of well being, despite the many fluctuations in hormone levels that a woman can experience.

Lavender essential oil and communication

Lavender essential oil can be used like spearmint essential oil for expression, which many women may find particularly helpful.

During menopause and perimenopause, many women find their significant relationships undergoing significant transformations.

Anger that may have been bottled, and words and thoughts that have been repressed, so as not to “rock the boat”, may come spilling out. It may feel as though you just can’t hold back any longer.

Lavender helps reassure you so that you don’t feel insecure when expressing your thoughts and feelings.

It encourages open and honest communication.

“Lavender addresses a deep fear of being seen and heard. Individuals in need of Lavender hide within, blocking all forms of true expression. While they may even be going through the motions of outward expression, they’re actually holding back their innermost thoughts and feelings. The expression is not connected to the heart or soul”.

Emotions and Essential oils – A Modern Resource for Healing

Women who have been in long term relationships or marriages may have experienced negative consequences for “speaking their mind”, and as a result may have feelings of being unheard, unimportant or unlovable.

Their partner may have not intended them to feel this way but did not realise that not allowing the woman in their life to express their thoughts and seek out her opinions on matters, can result in women feeling unheard.

For women who have expressed their opinions and received rejection based on ridicule, anger or even violence, find that their true self and true voice is trapped inside.

It is with the transition into perimenopause that this true self and true voice DEMANDS to be heard.

As women learn to safely communicate their deepest thoughts and feelings, they are “liberated from their self-inflicted prison”. Emotions and Essential oils – A Modern Resource for Healing.

Sometimes having these conversations can provoke head tension, and lavender can assist in reducing this tension.

cooking with essential oils

Lavender essential oil and insomnia

Insomnia is one of the characteristics experienced by many women during perimenopause and menopause.

How to use lavender essential oil at bedtime:

  • A hot bath with lavender essential oil-covered magnesium bath salts and
  • A cup of lavender tea before bed (doTERRA lavender essential oil is food grade and one drop can be used instead of a store-bought tea bag).
  • Diffuse lavender essential oil in the bedroom one hour before bed and mist the bed linen with a lavender spray.

Lavender diffuser blends:

lavender diffuser blends

Resilience in Challenging Times

A Care Package of Free Digital Tools and Teachings

Dear friends,

The team at Sounds True (the home of Buddhist Nun Pema Chodron and many other amazing teachers) has spent the past week putting together their hearts and minds to creatively come up with how they can best support you and the world at large as we find our way through this time of great challenge and uncertainty.

I am excited to share with you what they’ve come up with – a special Sounds True care package of free digital tools and teachings, “Resilience in Challenging Times.

resilience in challenging times

Resilience in Challenging Times” gives you:

Free access to daily video sessions sharing practical guidance and empowering insights from recent online summits

Community connection—”Physical distancing” does not have to mean “social distancing,” so we’ll be offering opportunities to come together online for group meditations and Facebook Live meetings. Let’s gather, learn, and support each other!

Free webinars addressing how to stay strong and centered with some of our most popular authors, including Michael Singer, Caroline Myss, Danielle La Porte, and others

Right now we’re witnessing a heightened sense of confusion and stress across our communities. It is our hope that “Resilience in Challenging Times” gives us a resource to productively use this time for growth and spiritual transformation, difficult as that sometimes can be, so we can turn towards our experience, care for ourselves, and become resources of love and sanity for others.

Much Love,

Sounds True Affiliate Partner- and long time fan of Pema Chodron

Blue Lotus Absolute

The history of the Blue Lotus flower

The blue lotus flower is a rare and precious flower steeped in Ancient Egyptian, Greek, Babylonian and Indian history and mythology.

The Blue Lotus flower (Nymphaea Caerulea) originally grew on the river Nile. In this time, it flooded and filled the river with richer soils and silt. However, these days the river does not flood and thus the Blue Lotus no longer has the conditions it requires to bloom.

It was a flower of great significance to the Egyptians, who were known to mix it with wine. If you want to delve deeply into the practices you can google “Entheogens- Ancient Egypt”. Below is a quick summary of the who’s who in less than a minute.

King Tutankhamen and Blue Lotus

When Tutankhamen’s tomb was excavated and his coffin opened, they found his mummy with a gold mask with a collar containing Blue Lotus, and upon opening this, his body was covered in the flowers as well.

Harry Burton’s photo of King Tutenkahmen’s mummy with Gold Mask with a collar containing Blue Lotus – 1925.
Floral collar from Tutankhamun’s embalming cacheDepartment: Egyptian ArtCulture/Period/Location: 1336–1327 B.C.

The Cult Of Nefertem

According to Encyclopedia Britancia, Nefertem was most commonly represented holding a scimitar with a falcon’s head and wearing a headdress of a lotus with a menat (ritual necklace counterpoise) on each side and a pair of plumes above.

Egyptian tomb wall-painting, circa 1826

Phrasikleia- Priestess of the Blue Lotus- Greece 540BC

By 540bc Phrasikleia was known as the Priestess of the Blue Lotus- all the way over in Greece.

By I, Sailko, CC BY 2.5,

Properties of Blue Lotus Absolute

Blue Lotus Absolute can be worn as a perfume. As a floral, it has emotionally relaxing properties. Other qualities and historical uses include:

  • It is known as an emotional healer and is specifically used to help release old emotional trauma.
  • It assists in providing a change of perspective
  • Users have felt a divine presence as a result and an “initiation” feeling when used in meditation.
  • Use before bed, it encourages you to “dream in living colour”
  • It has subtle aphrodisiac/seductive qualities which can be enhanced by layering with Jasmine Absolute and other sensual essential oils.
  • Total Chakra balance is achieved with the application of this absolute
  • It has sedative properties and is useful in managing stress and anxiety

Spiritual Message of Blue Lotus

The Blue Lotus is a symbol of awakening. It brings to us a sacred message of the pricelessness of this incarnation- this human life.

It helps us to remember who we are and to be who we are meant to be. It reminds us that the time is now.

If you are a healer or lightworker, then this absolute is a must for you.

Vibration of Blue Lotus Absolute

Blue Lotus vibrates at a higher resonance than Rose essential oil. It is 400Mhz in comparison to 320mhz!

What is an Absolute?

Blue Lotus is an absolute not an essential oil. Absolutes are similar to essential oils but they are created through a different process than the making of essential oil.

Absolutes are used for the most delicate of plant material- flowers like Jasmine – for example, can not endure the steam distillation process.

To create a solvent, the Blue Lotus flowers are placed in a shallow tray and washed with a solvent (like alcohol, methanol or ethanol). This process breaks the essential oil from the plant and is then filtered to remove the Blue Lotus plant material. A waxy substance known as a “concrete” is produced, and this concrete is further processed with another solvent, usually ethanol. The pressure in the equipment is then reduced to allow the solvent to evaporate- leaving the “absolute”.

Absolutes contain both aromatic and non-aromatic compounds and are extracted using solvents- so thus some of the solvents remain in the end product.

How much does it take to make Blue Lotus Absolute?

According to Emily Wright of doTERRA, the “delicate blue blossoms are picked from the water lily plants in the early morning hours while in full bloom”.

I tonne of Blue Lotus flowers = 1 litre of absolute

How can I purchase Blue Lotus Absolute?

At the moment Blue Lotus Absolute is only available in a rollerball diluted with fractionated coconut oil, as a part of the “Precious Florals Kit”.

Precious Florals Kit

blue lotus absolute

Blue Lotus is being released for a limited time only, as a part of the Precious Florals collection by doTERRA in time for Mother’s day. The collection will be initially released in the USA only, and then later in Australia.

The launch on April 1 will be $68USD for the set of 5 4ml rollerballs including Neroli, Jasmine, Rose, Magnolia and Blue Lotus. Emily Wright from doTERRA recommends

” Try layering these gorgeous petals with one another and with Sandalwood, Vetiver, Patchouli or Frankincense for an intoxicating natural perfume.”

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams,” as my mind and heart is opened to new possibilities as I breathe in her beautiful aroma. 

At $68 wholesale (50PV) or $90.67 retail this collection is as economical as it is beautiful! There will be a limit of four per account so we can spread the love!