Best doTERRA product

Almost 4 years with doTERRA.

Can you guess the ONE item I vowed to NEVER EVER be without?

When I asked this question on social media, I had so many responses. But they were wrong.

It’s not my diffuser or my Life Long Vitality supplements.

Fractionated coconut oil? Well, that is a very handy item, especially when I have panda eyes to take off my mascara, but nope.

Lavender Essential Oil? Oooh so hard to live without that one. So so versatile, and with kids, impossible to deal without the scratches, bee stings and bites first aid side of that. but, no. guess again.

Clary Calm? ooh another stella guess. I think my family would like to say a very loud resounding YES for my hormones but…. no.

On Guard Essential Oil Blend?  hmm. A staple especially in winter. I use it the most as a handwash but no.

Peace Essential Oil blend? ahh that’s like the first sip of a glass of wine when the kids are being ratty, but no.

So here’s a few clues, or if you’re impatient like me, just fill in your details below and pretty soon you too will be in on the secret.

  • Contains Frankincense Essential Oil
  • Is used twice a day
  • Is the one product you never seem to see doTERRA talking about or promoting DESPITE the fact that so many people include it in their daily health regime, and there are literally thousands of testimonials.
  • Makes your hair and nails grow.
  • Works at a cellular level