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Lemongrass Essential oil: The oil of cleansing.

Lemongrass Essential Oil: The oil of cleansing. A tall, perennial plant, Lemongrass has a subtle citrus flavour and is used in Asian cuisine in soups, teas, and curries as well as with fish, poultry, beef, and seafood. In addition to its unique flavour, Lemongrass essential oil promotes healthy digestion and acts as an overall tonic […]

Travel: Mona, Hobart, Tasmania

Ahh Tasmania. Where was I? The winner of the Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race had come in, and second and third were in a tight race for the finish line. The wind was being cruel still and they were barely sailing… but they got there, just as we boarded out boat to Mona. You can’t […]

Need instant energy? Ditch the sugar drinks and inhale Wild Orange Essential oil

Wild Orange Essential Oil Cold pressed from the peel, Wild Orange is one of dōTERRA’s top selling essential oils due to its energizing aroma and multiple health benefits.* High in monoterpenes, Wild Orange possesses stimulating and purifying qualities, making it ideal to support healthy immune system function when seasonal threats are high.* As with many […]

Travel: Salamanca Markets, Hobart, Tasmania

Salamanca Markets The Salamanca Markets are a well-known destination for both tourists and locals. They are the first stop for visitors who are looking to taste the fresh produce of Tassie. The markets are held in a picturesque location amongst the Georgian sandstone warehouses of Salamanca Place that were built in the 1830s to house […]

Travel: Tastes of Tasmania Festival

Tastes of Tasmania Festival One of the major reasons I chose to travel to Hobart at the end of 2015 was for the Tastes of Tasmania Festival. Held annually it is a celebration of the importance of gastronomical culture in Tasmania. Tasmanians have a wonderful innovative and entrepreneurial culture in relation to food, wine, beer, […]

Travel: Royal Tasmania Botanical Gardens- Hobart

If there’s one thing about traveling to a cooler climate that’s a bonus, it’s the knowledge that the botanical gardens are going to be spectacular! I visited the Royal Tasmania Botanical Gardens on my recent trip to Hobart. Established in 1818, there are 14 hectares of gardens with over 6,000 exotic species. Highlights: Lunch at the […]

Travel: Our holiday in Tasmania

I have to admit, I’ve been procrastinating. I’ve finally edited all of my photos from our trip to Tasmania at Christmas. Mum has asked not to be photographed in my travel writing and photography from now on, so this is the last mention I will make- the rest of the blogs will be from a […]

Travel: Main Beach Gold Coast

Have you ever had one of those weeks, when you knew you just needed to get out of the house, or you would go nuts? That you couldn’t really afford to go on a holiday, but if you stayed inside, that despite the predicted wet weather, and the fact that you would normally curl up […]

Mindfulness and Meditation

Today I am honoured to be featured today on Kate Hubert’s blog. I met Kate at a friend’s 50th birthday celebration and we just clicked! So much to talk about in common- mindfulness and meditation was just one area of our lives that was synergistic. Kate run’s mindfulness and meditation classes in Brisbane- information about […]