Anger Relief

Need help with anger relief?

Anger and divorce:

Anger and divorce and inextricably linked. Oh how I wish now that I knew how to relieve my anger using essential oils. The anger that I felt during my separation and divorce was palpable. It felt like it was eating me up. I frowned constantly, I was mad all the time and I was shouty to put it politely. I drank to reduce the stressful feelings associated with my anger. I was mad about becoming a single mum, mad that he moved on so fast, mad that I was broke.

I bought Yoga DVDs to help me stop being angry, used anger hypnosis, and tried whatever I could lay my hands on. Mostly, this was just a phase I had to go through, a part of the healing process, but using essential oils would have helped provide much faster relief.

Here are my recommendations for relieving and diminishing anger if you are going through a divorce. (Tip you’ll need either a diffuser or a roller ball with fractionated coconut oil so you can pop the blend in the rollerball and put on your pulse points).

You don’t need to be going through a divorce to feel angry however. The little things in life can add up and suddenly boom, you explode. Sometimes you don’t even realise how angry you actually are.

How do essential oils help with anger relief?

Have you seen this webinar I recorded on managing emotions with essential oils? It’s a great starting point.

Essential oils work with our olfactory and limbic systems. So our nose talks to the controller of our emotional brain via the encoded messages in the oils. Depending upon the oils you use, different messages are sent and they help you calm down, or uplift or inspire or reassure, or whatever emotional support it is that you need.

It’s more effective and faster than stuffing your face with cake, or alcohol or drugs when you are emotional, plus there are no side effects or addictions, and no extra kilos !!

Essential oils for Anger: Anger Relief:


A poem I wrote during our divorce when I blogged under the title of The Lake House Writer.

Essential oils for anger relief on the go- using a rollerball:

Are you looking for portable anger relief? A rollerball blend is the easiest way to manage your anger. It’s a little bottle of pre-blended essential oils that you can keep in your bag and you simply pull it out, take the lid off and roll on your pulse points when you need support.

I personally recommend “Peace” to help calm you- it works really fast and is a lovely blend of Vetiver, Lavender, Ylang Ylang, Frankincense, Clary Sage, Marjoram, Spearmint and Labdanum.
 anger relief
If your anger is to do with another person who you have not forgiven for their actions, or perhaps you are mad at yourself for something, then the thing I recommend is the “Forgive” Rollerball. Forgive is a blend of Spruce, Bergamot, Juniper Berry, Myrrh, Arborvitae, Nookta Tree, Thyme and Citronella.
anger relief
When your anger is rooted in sadness, then “console” is a very comforting blend of essential oils- Frankincense, Patchouli, Ylang Ylang, Labdanum, Amyris, Sandalwood, Rose and Osmanthus.
anger relief
These oils can be purchased individually or as a part of the “Emotional Aromatherapy Touch Kit”

anger relief


Essential oils for anger relief using a diffuser:

Do you have a diffuser? If so then you can easily learn to make your own blends of essential oils that you can diffuse in your house, car or office to help you manage your emotions. The following is a selection of blends that are recommended.

Alternatively, if you would rather purchase a set of blended essential oils, then I recommend the emotional aromatherapy kit, which contains 5ml bottles of the same oils in the “touch kit”.

anger relief

Want to create your own blends to help with anger?

Sometimes, you just want to mix it up. If you’re keen to learn about creating blends with the oils you might have at home then here are some additional recommendations.

It is a very powerful practice to anchor and essential oil with an affirmation. That is you use the oil and say the affirmation at the same time, each and every time that you use it. This then embeds the message in your brain and it shortcuts your emotional response time, eventually it will become subconscious- your body and brain will automatically react in the way you have programmed it, each time you smell the blend.

Pretty powerful stuff hey!

The following information has been taken from the amazing book ” Living Healthily and Happily Ever After”   by Rebeca Linder Hintze and Dr. Susan Lawton.


“I manage my emotions with ease and understanding. I am confident in my ability to remain calm and peaceful at all times”.




Affirmation to go with essential oil:

“I am learning to understand the root cause of my anger. I am making wise choices to sleep, heal, talk and release my anger. I am happy with who I am, and I am replacing anger with joy”.

anger relief

Blend and diffuse. You can also add this blend to 10ml fractionated coconut oil and rub on your throat, sternum, and bottoms of the feet morning and night.