GLAM it up for charity raises $20k for Orange Sky Laundry

Celebrating its’ tenth anniversary on Friday night, Tara Castle and the team at GLAM it up for charity raised $20,000 for Orange Sky Laundry. GLAM started in 2007 and has been raising funds annually at an affordable charity dinner evening (tickets are usually $80).


Tara Castle and her husband Joe Cole


Lucas Patchett, Tara Castle and Nic Marchesi




I was privileged to be asked to take the photos of the night and was moved and inspired by the founders Lucas Patchett and Nicholas Marchesi.  Lucas and Nicholas have taken a seemingly impossible concept- helping the homeless have showers and clean their clothes and have taken their service national.

The most interesting aspect of their presentation was however, learning that the fundamental importance of the services provided by Orange Sky Laundry was not, what I perceived – dignity- providing cleanliness, and hope. However, what they have found is that is the most intangible of all concepts- human connection.   Whilst clean clothes and showers provide the homeless with a service that we all take for granted, the real power is in the regularity of contact between the volunteers at Orange Sky Laundry and the homeless. While the clothes are washing, the volunteers sit on plastic chairs with their friends, and have real conversations. This act of listening and talking one on one provides them with real hope and a sense of connection- a sense that someone does in fact care.




Here’s the video I made of the photos that I took on the evening.

If you’d like to volunteer for Orange Sky Laundry, take a look at this video and then contact the guys on their website to see how you can be involved.

You can connect with GLAM it up for charity on Facebook.