Travel: Noosa – a little bit of paradise in Queensland, Australia


Noosa as seen from Noosa North Shore: Image- Katische Haberfield


Noosa is a little bit or paradise right here in Queensland, Australia. If you’ve never been, then put it on your to do list immediately. Notice I didn’t say “bucket list”. That’s just a wish list, when what you really need is an action list. Life’s too short to wait for someday, so watch this video and take positive action to put yourself in the picture as soon as possible!

Where is Noosa?

  • Noosa is on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia. It’s 2 hours north of Brisbane by car.
  • For travel information including nearest airports visit this website.

What is there to do?

For official tourism information visit this website.

  • Swim, surf, SUP, kayak at one of the many pristine beaches
  • Walk in the lush Hinterland
  • Walk through the National Park which has beach views 🙂
  • Relax at one of the many day spas.
  • Eat at one of the many restaurants on popular Hastings Street or along the beach, or along the river at Noosa Heads.
  • Take a cruise along Noosa River
  • Play golf at Noosa Springs Resort
  • Visit the botanical gardens
  • Attend a cooking class

Personal Dining Favourites:

Noosa Festivals

It certainly feels like there is always something happening in Noosa, with the following line up annually of festivals. Be sure to organise your travel long in advance of these events as accommodation books up by return visitors in advance.

Dealing with resentment



Resentment: Have you ever felt angry and resentful because you felt that someone misunderstood you? The kind of anger that wells up inside you and just explodes because you felt you have not been seen or heard by a particular person? A feeling of injustice that builds slowly over time and gains momentum and then something well intentioned tips you over the edge? Well, if so, you are not alone.

This weekend my anger reached tipping point and it boiled over due to a sense of injustice that I felt. I may be an adult, but I felt like jumping up and down and pounding my fists on the floor and crying with the injustice that this particular person had judged me incorrectly. I felt hopeless, and resigned to resentment. I felt as though there was nothing that I would be able to do now, or ever, to make this person understand me.




And to be honest, how can another person every truly understand us? We present to the world, and certain people a cleverly screened image of ourselves. They can’t be inside our heads, or “monitor” our actions every day- so how do they know that their perceptions are based upon an “old” version of you? That you have changed, and yes, you were once like that, but that you have taken concrete actions to make changes in your life.

What I am grateful for is that I noticed the feeling of anger and resentment, and I reached out and calmed myself by talking with my coach and then with a friend who is a psychologist. I also noted that this feeling of resentment is a recurring theme in my life, because I feel angry but don’t want a confrontation with that person in the heat of the moment. So I stew on it. And as it stews and ferments in my insides, the thoughts become poisonous. But instead of being released and communicated and resolved, it then turns into a festing, fermenting mess in my insides.

Anger and resentment are a poison that we take hurts us. They are valid emotions, and we should not repress them, however, we need to learn how to process them in a positive manner.

So what did I do?

Yesterday, I put a beautiful peaceful blend of essential oils in my diffuser (Vetiver, Lavender, Ylang Ylang, Frankincense, Clary Sage, Marjoram, Labdanum and Spearmint) to help me stay calm during the evening.  At bedtime I put Ylang Ylang, Jasmine and a protective blend (Cinnamon, Clove, Eucalyptus, Rosemary and Orange) on my chest where my heart is and I had a great night’s sleep, whereas previously I may have tossed and turned.



This morning I put the same blend in my diffuser, and opened up my You Tube account and searched for a tapping video that would fit my needs. I chose this one. It was perfect, and made me cry, which was helpful in releasing the emotions. I also consulted my emotions and essential oils wheel and examined the negative emotions and found that when you feel unsupported Birch essential oil is recommended. I don’t have this oil so I kept looking, and came across Thyme, which is an oil which helps with resentment.



P.S It’s important to love yourself through this process. Every encounter we have in life that tests us, grows us. Sometimes we just have to realise that the enemy is within.



If you’d like to know more on how essential oils can help support you with your emotions, please contact me– I can’t even pretend to be perfect when it comes to emotions, but I can tell you that I find them amazingly supportive 🙂




Travel: Hamilton Island

Hamilton Island

Mention natural wonders of Australia and the Great Barrier Reef is one place that automatically comes to mind. The Great Barrier Reef is a 2,300km eco-system but for most of us pristine beaches,  aqua water, marine life and holiday resorts complete with sun lounges and cocktails come to mind.

Apart from a brief day trip when we travelled to Cairns in year 10, sadly I have not been. I’ve travelled around the Greek Islands, but not the spectacular islands of the Great Barrier Reef which are in my own backyard! So this weekend I spoke with my friend Ann, who recently holidayed on Hamilton Island, which is a part of the Whitsunday Islands and the Great Barrier Reef.



Here’s what Ann had to say about her trip:


What did your holiday include?

    • Day trip to Great Barrier Reef

Why Hamilton Island?

Hamilton Island was always on our bucket list to explore the Whitsundays and dive in the Great Barrier Reef. We take our own backyard for granted and so many beautiful parts of Australia yet to explore.

Often trips don’t match our expectations- i.e they don’t look as good as the glossy brochure or our mental image of what it will be like. How did this trip meet your expectations?

100% met our expectation .

Tell us about a funny/unexpected moment on your holiday?

Diving for the first time. I was excited and eager to take that first ever dive with my instructor. As soon as I got the gear on, practiced the breathing technique and was told “right ok we are ready to take the plunge now”. I froze and had a little panic attack. My instructor was very encouraging and gradually eased me into the dive from the snorkel area. I was so glad I didn’t chicken out and went through with it. Best experience and can now tick diving in the Great Barrier Reef off my bucket list.

Hamilton Island

Best time of year to go? When did you go?

Anytime is perfect at Hamo. We went in June our Winter. The weather was perfect not too hot and warm enough for a swim.

In summer the stingers come out in the water and you need to wear a full body swim suit to swim.

What’s on your bucket list for your next holiday?

  • Uluru for a short trip and Greece/Cyprus for a longer international trip.

Thanks Ann, you’ve totally inspired me to travel to Hamo! Can’t wait. It’s been on my bucket list for too long! 


Hamilton Island is only a 1 hour 45 minute flight from Brisbane or 2 hours 20 minutes from Sydney! Add it to your next holiday to Australia, or if you are a local, make sure it is on your holiday travel plans this year!


Please note that Katische and Ann are no longer associated with the travel club mentioned in the video. 

I use myself for all my holidays. Please note that if you book a holiday using the search tool below I will receive a small affiliate payment at no cost to you.


We might have got a little excited for our first #bookweek.  🙂  Angus woke at 4:45 am becuase he was too excited to sleep given that he is wearing his Harry Potter costume today. Hamish decided just two days ago that he wanted to be Ned Kelly, and luckily for us a friend Sally showed us a costume idea 🙂


western carribean

Travel: Cruising the Western Caribbean

Ever wanted to go to the Caribbean? I thought so- it’s on most of our bucket lists. Today I spoke with a friend of mine Brad Razmus, who did exactly that in 2016 with another of my friends Susan Papazian.  So I thought I’d share with you all about how he found the trip, what the highlights of the Western Carribean were and how you can book the same cruise.

Comments from Brad:

“This trip I did with my Travel Club has been a life-changing one for us and many people we met. 

We booked our first cruise to the Western Caribbean, traveling via Dallas and New Orleans before and after the trip. The cruise departed New Orleans and we visited Costa Maya, Mexico, then Hondurus and final stop Belize and back to New Orleans.



We stayed at Hyatt House in Dallas.

Dallas Texas

Brad visits JFK’s house

New Orleans

We stayed at the Crown Plaza Hotel in New Orleans.


We had an amazing time and met some amazing new lifelong friends. Look forward to the next trip! Will be hard to beat!”

Please note that Brad, Susan and Katische are no longer associated with the travel club. We do hope, however, that this has given you some inspiration to travel to the USA1